Trevon Marcel talks Music, Dirty Boyz, Lil Wayne, Mr. Bigs, Deuce Komradz & Boosie Badazz

Trevon Marcel talks Music, Dirty Boyz, Lil Wayne, Mr. Bigs, Deuce Komradz & Boosie Badazz

My name is Trevon Marcel I’m from Opelika AL grew up on the west side of the city.

Riding late nights around the town with my dad in his 88 cutlass supreme is what made me fall I love with hip hop. listening to people like NWA, Snoop Dogg, Too short from time to time it was a lot of raw gangster music in the 90s that I probably shouldn’t have been listening too.

Musical influences:
Mr. Biggs from Mobile his song trial was the first rap song I could sing word for word.

Dirty Boyz from Montgomery tha pimp and tha gangsta were very influential to me their rap style and with them being cousins.

Deuce Komradz from Montgomery made Down with the south and I’m pretty sure they made everyone wanna be down with the south! No matter where your from!

Lil boosie from Louisiana because he makes the type of music that’s not only considered gangster but it touches you in different ways you can relate too!

Lil Wayne from Louisiana because of his rap style, his swagger, his overall wittiness, and confidence when he raps influenced me!

My music changed a lot since o first started because I wanted to be a singer at first. Then a year and a half into doing music I taught myself to formulate raps and just transitioned into a full time rapper!

You can expect different vibes from my music it’s funny because I grew up listening and wanting to be like the gangstas. To realizing when I do music it’s hardly ever just str8 trap it’s more of me just being me!

The trends in today’s hip hop is unpredictable because yu never really kno what to expect anymore. Either it can be really bad or really good.. people jus wanna be heard and now there doing or saying anything that gets them attention!

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