James Fields on President Trumps infrastructure budget & how it affects Alabama

James Fields on President Trumps infrastructure budget & how it affects Alabama
james c fields_doug jones
pictured: James Fields JR; Doug Jones, US Senator and Robert Clopton

Birmingham – James Fields, Jr, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Alabama, in his recent video regarding his 11 point plan spoke about President Trump’s infrastructure plan & how it affects Alabama.

Fields states, “infrastructure is buildings, broadband, bridges & electricity to every house in Alabama … that’s the difference between his plan and other candidates”.

With 2000 + dams in the State of Alabama, only 2% of them were inspected according to the 2015 report.

If one of the dams were damaged or destroyed as a result of a disaster, cities and communities would be destroyed. What would the State of Alabama do to replace those communities? Fields says that this is what is important to Alabama.

President Trump’s $1.5 Trillion infrastructure plan will be paid for by either 1) private investors, 2) Private funding will not be enough to complete it and 3) cut the regulatory red tape.

Some communities in Alabama are struggling with bad water due to chemical waste and dumping.

There are communities in Alabama, where people have to travel to other areas of the state to use internet.

His plan is to use the incentives in President Trumps infrastructure plan, touch small communities, cities, counties of Alabama.

Birmingham, AL could not compete with the Amazon bid to open a new facility there due to infrastructure.

Fields infrastructure plan will create at transit system that will commute people around the state.

For more information regarding James Fields 11 Point Plan visit: JamesFieldsForAL.com or MovingALforward.com


At the publishing of this article we have not heard from other candidates regarding their comments regarding President Trump’s¬†infrastructure plan.