Tamika Miller

Written By Tamika Miller, Business & Legal Expert for inCity Magazine

It is a new year, 2016….YEAH!!!!! and many business owners are making resolutions on how they can get more clients, make more money, travel or just have a better work/life balance. As we enter into the new year, I want to share some of my top business tips.

As a business owner we are accustomed to doing and sometimes not taking time to just be gracious about our blessings and listen to GOD I suggest you take a moment to sit and have a gratitude session. In this session, tell God how thankful you are for specific things. I daily, before I place my feet on the ground take a moment to thank God for breathe, my strength, endurance, the ability to work with my clients, etc. I take a moment to just be gracious for what I have versus thinking about what I do not have at that moment. After my gratitude session, I pray for guidance, sit still and quietly and listen to God. I know I do not have all the answers, so I seek hirer guidance for my life. I suggest you do the same as you may be quite surprised at what God wants to say to you.

Many successful people have hired a coach or have a business mentor…even OPRAH has them and she is a billionaire. One should not live like they are in a bubble and run their business as if they are the only person who has ever done it. Do not allow this thinking to take place. A mentor and or coach are there to hold your hand, make you accountable, and work with you as you grow your business. They have been where you are and are people that can make your journey in business easier for you. Seek out those that are in your industry that are at the level you wish to be or find a coach that deals with people in your industry. I have had a business mentor since before I owned a business and wonder where would I be without his guidance. I am currently working with Allyson Byrd, the Profit Accelerator and recommend her among others.

Habakkuk 2: 2-3 reads
2Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.
3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time;But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.

Do you have a vision or goals for your business? Have you written the vision for your business down on paper? Now do not freak out on me, as this may seem heavy but a vision is not permanent but gives clarity for your business. As business owners, a vision cannot be to just make as much money as possible. A vision requires you to sit down and have a clear and concise direction, plan, and tools and strategies to execute the plan. You cannot run your business without a direction because then you have no clue where you are going. A vision is necessary as it gives you a bigger purpose for your business than just making money and you can direct your efforts around the accomplishments you want for your business.

What are you saying is the most important question to ask in your business. What you are saying will tell you who needs your products. If you are unclear on your message, you will always have problems in your sales and ultimately your money. Now do not get me wrong, many other reasons could be attributed to no to low sales. However, if your message is unclear that will absolutely create issues in your sales numbers. To get clarity in your message ask yourself these questions:
What am I selling?
What do I want to say about this product (book, etc.)?
Am I saying it with clarity?
Do I feel passionate about selling this product?
After you have answered these questions, if you are unable to answer them without hesitation then your message is unclear. If you are unclear on your message, I strongly suggest you seek out a coach, mentor, or business consultant to assist you in getting clarity.

Now I may make some of you mad, but I must say it. If you answer the question, Who is your target audience or client with EVERYONE, then you have really said my target audience or client is NO ONE. Every business must have a target audience or client as you are not the WALMART of the world. They sell to everyone because they can, the company is worth billions of dollars. The average small business owner cannot nor should you want to sell to everyone. Decide who is your target audience and sell to them. You want to be able to create a marketing strategy that will ultimately help you meet your business goals and that requires clarity in who you are marketing to and trying to sell your product. Make life easier and have a target audience.

The most important person for every business owner is their customer. Thus, use the social media channels where you will meet your client. Do not feel the need to be on social media if your clients are not there. If you are marketing to customers 18-21 years old they are probably not on LinkedIn. I know a business owner who is not on social media beyond blogging and he is making money. Why is he not on Facebook, Twitter and BLAB…because his clients are not there so he is not interested. Now, do not get me wrong. If you want your own personal FB page, twitter account, or LinkedIn profile for your personal reasons or just because you want it that is fine. However, if your clients are not there, do not feel the need to be there otherwise. Use what works for your customers because that is what matters as to making money in business.

Tamika R. Miller is a partner with Miller Smith, LLC,where she focuses her practice in the areas of business counseling; civil litigation handling personal injury cases; and criminal defense. Ms. Miller is a public speaker, frequently speaking at different events among being a frequent presenter for NBI, National Business Institute. She greatly enjoys working with business owners and can be reached at (334) 625-6959 or millersmithllc.com. You can follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tamika.miller.148