Resources to Reduce Stress on National Stress Awareness Day

Stress affects people of all ages, ethnicities, and social classes. In fact, 75% of Americans experienced moderate to high stress levels in the past month according to the Global Organization for stress.

Stress also affects the economy. According to Business Insider, American employers spend an estimated $300 billion annually on health costs and lost work days linked to stress.

To address this growing epidemic, the International Stress Management Association created National Stress Awareness Day. National Stress Awareness Day, observed on the first Wednesday of November each year, raises awareness of the effects of psychological distress in the workplace and strategies to address it.

“As our world becomes ever more complex and stressful, developing our capacity for dynamic balance in our lives, work, and relationships becomes ever more vital to understand and embody in our own lives and to model for others whose lives we influence,” Joel Levey, author of Living in Balance, said.

Reading motivational books and journaling are proven methods for reducing stress and finding balance. One new resource available for pre-order to help individuals find balance, strength, and power while reducing stress in their lives is The Light We Carry by former First Lady Michelle Obama.

A similar resource available for pre-order, Brighter Days Ahead by Insurance Wealth Strategist Demetris Curry, utilizes a series of personal testimonies, words of wisdom, and practical strategies to empower individuals to effectively cope with stress and overcome obstacles in their lives.

Brighter Days Ahead also includes an area for journaling following each chapter for the reader to fully immerse in a reflective process throughout the reading experience, which has a wide range of mental, physical, and emotional benefits according to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published by the American Psychological Association.

“I didn’t learn until later in life to use the energy of stress and trauma to propel me,” Demetris explained. “In Brighter Days Ahead, I encourage readers to use that anxiety, pain, fear, and stress to step out of your comfort zone to where you desire to be.”

Readers can take full advantage of both resources by purchasing Brighter Days Ahead to utilize the journaling outlet as a complimentary tool to The Light We Carry.

Brighter Days Ahead is currently available for pre-sale at www.DemetrisCurry.com and via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million sites. The Light We Carry is also available for pre-order at www.michelleobamabooks.com. Both publications officially launch November 15, 2022.