Target inks deal with black doll company, Orijin Bees, founded by a 7-year old and her mother

Multicultural toy company, Orijin Bees, announced today that they launched their Baby Bee Doll Collection on Target online on October 5th, showcasing not only the variety of beautiful skin tones we have in our Black and Brown skin but also the array of curly hair patterns.

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The company striving to improve racial equity through play was birthed after 7-year old Esi struggled with her confidence of being the only Black girl in her class. This new deal with Target represents a milestone achievement for the brand, which continues to grow its toy line to empower girls like Esi to find self-love and pride in their identity by ensuring representation in their toy boxes.

“As a purpose-driven brand, we are determined to help broaden the view of beauty to include black and brown girls of every shade and hair texture,” said Founder Melissa Orijin. “As a mother, I felt I had to do more for my kids, my family, my friends, and also for the many kids out there who I’ve never met but who I know struggle the way Esi did, not seeing others like themselves in their classrooms or even among their toys at home,” Melissa said of her inspiration to start the brand.

The Orijin Bees Baby Bee collection was created with the goal of instilling self-love during pretend play, helping young girls build the confidence to know their worth and, ultimately, become leaders of the future.

Orijin Bees, also written O.R.I.J.I.N. B.E.E.S, stands for Our Representation is Just Inclusion Normalized, Beautifully Empowering Every Soul.