Products Can Not Fight For Justice

No more history lesson” We want action now and No More waiting for change”. From these words, the next action is violence and death. Humans unlike any other animals on earth learn through connective consciousness through the heart and or mind. Our communities is feeling a whirlwind of emotions at the murder convictions of Derek Chauvin and recent events that happens to a disputation of people. The word Justice is supposed to mean, for all to live in healthy and safe communities, free of white supremacy and police violence, black on black crime, and any Crime against humanity.
 If any convictions bring a sense of victory, then you are giving weight to the imprisonment of young black and brown boys and girls, women, and men everywhere. The reason we fill the prison system at alarming rates is because it gives White America a sense of victory. Justice is not about wins and losses.  Racism is a mental health issue because racism causes trauma, And trauma paints a direct line to mental illnesses, which need to be taken seriously. People of color and all those whose lives have been marginalized by those in POWER experience life differently. Those who have been devalued, they experience overt racism and bigotry far too often, which leads to a mental health burden that is deeper than what others may face.  
DEVALUED is underlined word and issue many are overlooking. Economist have talked about money since the Moors Kingdom to the Pyramid.   Economics gives POWER and devalues the rest. I was not going to give you a history lesson, but a  bridge must be built to give   you an understanding. In the 17th century Isaac Newton gave mathematical science equations and Rene Descartes gave us more ideas of the use of reasoning and natural sciences. In the western science it was known that animals were machines. This intellectual attitude stands true to thinking today. This thinking is built in White America thinking and teaching.  You have heard the phrase “The beast of burden”. Charles Darwin in the 18th century gave us survival of the fittest and genetics separation and the process of natural selection.
I have been studying and breaking down my thoughts and my thinking of human conditioning. In my studies of unifying quantum physics, consciousness, neuroscience, and transcendence, I have been hit by a brick of awaking to know it’s not my understanding or misunderstanding of life and human development that destroys. It is the value of human life that DESTROYS.  
 The names Like George Floyd to Emmett Till and the many you will never know were valued less than. The value of life is marketed and sold. I mentioned the Moors kingdom to the Pyramids. Yes, the engineering and cultivation were incredible, but remember there were workers who died in the process and those workers were less valued to the XYZ.
Until you value yourself, your value to others is marketed and sold like slaves. Products cannot argue value. It would be like if your car that you bought started charging you an additional cost because it believes it has more value.
This article will remain small in words, but deep dive thinking must be triggered. What is our next step as humans or as products? Take this time to breath, cry and scream at the injustice. After that think economics and the cheshire cat that holds the coin purse on humanity.
To all of our community members, I urge you to replenish for the long fight that lies ahead of us. That is why I said take a breath. Find the community care, resources to keep the fight going. I urge everyone to take care of themselves and to work together, as these are the only ways through which our long quest for Economic Equality We Shall Rise.
                                            Together or Nothing
Written by Dr. Paul W Dyer