Motivational Moments With Dr. Paul W. Dyer: The Study of Living the Art of Practicing

Written By: Dr. Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer, GM

The study of internal alchemy is a beautiful “practice” for emotional balance. This practice opens the universe into the universe making no difference when the outside force or the inside force disagrees or
creates value to devalue the other.

When you are practicing in these formulas, we connect the energies within to the forces of the universe neutralizing the negative emotions worked within the 6 Healing Sounds and bring them into a harmonious whole. This crystalizes the source and can then circulate through the body, attracting high frequency energy from external sources, helping to develop the soul or energy body.

The outside force immediately thinks of the opposition to be dealt with or balance, which is why you feel the pull internally. When others feel the division, it is often thought of as a direct force or an attack to them. As a practitioner of the living arts, the belief is that there are no attacks to any forces – just understanding!

This why lower thoughts put value on the mind. A value must be of greater or lesser importance. The universe will never have greater or lesser “value.” Rather, the universe has energy and balance.

When the processor of the mind results to value experiences, significant levels of stress and anxiety can and will be acknowledged. These negative emotions build up in our systems and cause trauma that result in both physical and/or mental illness.

Unaddressed trauma can feed upon its host because its significance has not been recognized. The lack of recognition can come from the individual themselves as well as from others. Repeated “trauma” results from one’s inability to recognize how we feel about the impact of our circumstances.

Living arts practice helps heal trauma. For some it seems mystical, but it is really a highly dedicated form of training to strengthen and move energy into the connective tissues, ligaments, joints, tendons, and finally the bones. This training consists of dynamic standing postures with incorporated breathing techniques that pack air around the vital organs and direct the earth’s healing power through the bone structure.

In addition to being an excellent way to work on your structure and posture, the practice positively affects your immune system by increasing the power of your living force. The living practice is essential knowledge for anyone involved in any kind of cultivation practice. I have dedicated my life to this art form which was taught to me by my elders and seniors who practiced the living arts.

In the earthly realm, one only sees the outcome of our projection. Therefore, we have so little faith in a life that we should trust. This suspicious and fearful nature causes one to miss out on the gifts
bestowed upon each individual by the universe.

One should not worry about the future because life is taken care of by the universe – just like the sun does not only shine on the beautiful flowers. One must never worry if they will blossom because it is inevitable as the sun shines on all flowers with abundance and generosity nourishing every aspect our beings.