Motivational Moments With Dr. Paul W. Dyer: The Challenge of Forgetting, Forging, And Forgiveness

Author  Dr Paul W Dyer Gm 

The Challenge of Forgetting, Forging , And  Forgiveness: 

This Black history month has open the  mouths of excitement to show how  important blacks have been to the building of  American society. The fact is dark humans have been important all over this globe since time began. This month in this year of 2021  has spirited some apologetic debates and some nodding of heads.

Maybe if all of the  complete history of all humans was part of our civilization we would not need a month to be highlighted for a particular group of people. I feel the short sightedness of the heart of people , and what they might even consider important for them to know.  I don’t think the many mean to be growth challenged when it comes to this month with the emphasis on black America. 

What blacks are still fighting for without outwardly saying it is the recognition of being a human being in the minds of white America. When things like this is said the hair raising response is” I am not prejudice, or I know the importance”. If people knew the importance then people like  Mr. Carter Woodson wouldn’t have  founded the first Negro History Week in 1926. 

It feels like if  black America don’t remind America that we are human,  it will go right back to slavery and  incorporating , enforcing the systematic systems that’s keeps blacks in there place. The  judicial, legislative maze of white separation supremacy will stay on its thrown to rule without challenge.  We are in a war, A raging war of the Mind. The war of the consciousness and subconsciousness. 

The  war is against and never for.  So who wins in this war ?  Until we as a complete human race stop forgetting and forgive ourselves for the apathy of life and forge to the higher self to see others completely no matter color or station in life no one will win and perishing will be enable for us all.   

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all assigned multiple social identities. Within each category, there is a hierarchy a social status with dominant and non-dominant groups. these identities was formed to build an empire not people. 

The Americas is an empire built away from one empire to build another one on the backs of slaves and a large measure of commonality in manners, customs, language, and dedication to the common good.

The common good was not allotted  for the slave of people or someone lesser than your consciousness.  I  can see little to no advantage in a logically being defensible about historically arbitrary act of definition, which would demand singling out one trait among a complex of traits in human condition. 

It is the complexities in itself I am interested in to correct the misinterpretation of salvation for black America or just America itself . the complex of historical relationships will only fuse to confuse you if you only look to a problem and not to enlighten yourself.  A variety of attitudes and ideas that have many points of convergence being angry does not fit at all.  Freedom from self mental slavery is the only way we rise. We shall rise.