Motivational Moments With Dr Paul W Dyer: The Birth Is Coming
Author Dr Paul W Dyer GM

The Birth is coming 

As a father , a friend, a grandfather I have waited for a new baby to come. I Haven’t been on the waiting side and , I have been on the delivery side during combat condition. Whatever the side you are on or in , what is noticeable is the excited,  the anxiety, and the nervousness.

With all that being said , the nation our nation is on the brink of birthing a new Democracy. As a couple we were first brought together by the enslavement of human being and the dictatorship of others. 
Since that time to this,  our relationship has been the most arguable  the hardest relationship that any two mammals has ever attempted to have on this planet. 

We were thrown together because of greed, and manipulation. These are never a good circumstance to begin or even attempt to build a long lasting relationship. 

Since our mediations in 1964 , what I’ve notice is that we have been screwing each other  like two young newlywed politicians.  These past four years has  brought together a pregnancy  to this relationship. This baby in the womb is noticeable in distressed because of the irregular heart beat and the umbilical cord around its neck like the noose on the systematic racism of this world.

I am very excited to be apart of this pregnancy because it’s a new Democracy on its way. This new baby needs both parties to be healthy spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.  We will not get there until we confess to ourselves that we are traumatized and need help healing. Trauma affects us all so incredibly different, but it does have an effect. 
In this relationship there is no divorce in sight  or separation that can solve this Union.

We were brought together for a purpose. The first child in our relationship was brought in from a previous regime relationship and it has done the best it can to serve the family. It is time for our baby to be brought in this world and grow it to be what we choose it to be.  Only in this Union we shall rise to highest level of consciousness development and cultivation.