Motivational Moments With Dr Dyer: Is Your Heart Beating
Dr Paul W Dyer GM

Is Your Heart Beating ?  

This is going to shock you like AED(Arterial External Defibrillator ) if you took CPR,BLS you have learn to save a life when people go into cardiac arrest. This article is going to bring your arrested heart beating again. I have been on several phone calls with Oli Ahmad the Liberal Democratic Party leader of Bangladesh. His country  of Bangladesh is being brutalized by a government single party that is Blatantly killing People who speakers against the government. A government that restricting voting. A government that keeps people poor and sick. This can sound very familiar to you ,because to many the United States sounds the same way. As a human active living  person yes an activist I found this painfully sickening. Recently My wife and I went to Arlington National Cemetery. The resting place to people who took an oath to give you a choice to have human rights.

So for you not to notice or address the decline of civilization must mean your heart has stop beating. These killing will keep happening in Bangladesh and will happen more here in the United States Until you and I take action. These brutalities are happening here as it’s is happening there at a height right.  As humans we don’t live in a Meiotic world. We live in a world that is connected through vibration and spirituality. As humans we have rights!! These right are being taken away through the courts and through corrupted governments around the world. To learn to be a servant to the Universe, County, Township, Community you first must awaken your dead beating heart. The only way to awaken a dead to dying heart is to develop a connection that will shock you or support you until you can do it on your own. I and people like Oli Ahmad are that beating heart that is here to help you awaken. Until you revive your heart to love others more then self, These dead bodies and babies are  blood on your hands. Service of others takes action.

Service to the universe takes awakening. Service  To a Country, Community ,and Self takes a practice. From the Oceans to human life is out of time waiting for you to want to do. I need you to do now. To serve Others then yourself takes an education, and I understand this. Here is your quick educational lesson. You were not created alone nor were you developed to be alone ,so  stop living in the loneliness of fear, corruption, and sadness. My friend Oil Ahmad has been fighting for liberation for 40 years against government corruption. He is putting his life and families life on the line to do for others. He is doing this for justice to humanity. He or I and many others who work in the darkness to bring light of justice, honor, dedication to uplift the poor and the tired to have a better Country, County Community. It is time for you to awaken your beating heart. 

Written By : Dr Paul W Dyer GM