Motivational Moments With Dr Dyer: Actions Of Actually Acting To Act

Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer Gm

Actions of Actually Acting To Act 

Once upon on a time. Yes I am going to start this off like a children’s book.  In a child’s mind there is hope, there is trust, there are dreams. Once upon a time my family moved through the south like many slave blacks and  Cherokee Indians, from land owner to land owner. My great grandmother was on the trail of tears. When I was young my Great Grandmother would tell us stories of how people treated her and the family. Stories of Rape, and killing. The killing in a yard when her brother refuse to stop talking his native tongue. They whipped him and then trampled him with a horse, There were stories of kindness from a young girl who said sorry , but this was after her dad’s brother raped my Great Grandmother.

These stories and many others from family to family from generation to generation was education passed on down. The women in our family from one story until the next talked about preserving and overcoming in the mind and the  heart. So my dear children of all ages and colors, race and religions the story of your heart actions does actually make a difference. I understand how so many of you were taught to miss trust, and develop trap doors of the mind to not feel pain and avoid connection to trauma. Avoid connections to people and your inner child. The child of hope,dreams, and trust. The systems is constantly trying to whip it out of you or trample it . The action of actual intentions to the perseverance of you. As of today and the now I want you to say these words “ I Will Be , I am Love , I Shall Act With Intentions”.

  1. Choose Love
  2. Trust (without conditions)
  3. Dream Again 
  4. Choose Hope

We start with these four simple things, we can begin. You see your story is written without you until now. The once upon a time needs your love, hopes , and dreams in it. If you are not going to act, then the story keeps being written without you because you are allowing the whipping and trampling of a system to stay systematically operating.  There are lots of tears and pain to be felt before we reach our own promise land.I know we can feel trapped and wounded, but those feelings were familiar to me and that’s all that mattered. I assumed that something familiar would maybe be a comfort and would reduce my anxiety; but choosing not to grow or change left me without hope, and my anxiety would soon turn to depression.   

Consequently, every time I encountered the same old same old, I would chalk it up to bad karma, and absorb it like a personal attack. So, recently, when I found myself at yet another fork I was tempted to follow the same routine. I had something thrown in my path that I wasn’t particularly looking for and almost immediately I froze. I was tempted to fall back on old habits, and feeling the familiar walls forming again. I almost allowed the “luxury” of comfort and familiarity(even if it was unhealthy ) to override my intuition which was telling me it was time to move. In this case, moving meant embracing and welcoming change as a well deserved gift after years of maintaining the status quo. I need to be hopeful much more than I need to be safe.I write this to inform you, no, to inform myself, that what I have felt or will feel there are others who may be experiencing the same because we are not alone in this world. I have traveled and journeyed and I have come to realize is this; be aware of what you want to are and what you wish to create. Understanding that these two things are not the same. Once you are able to take this crawl into your new construct your vision and life will change.