Mary Ann Givens of Hope CU Gives Members Bright “Hope” for Tax Returns

Knowledge and HOPE is what Mary Ann Givens and her staff provide their members at Hope Credit Union.

“Many of our members are getting their refunds as a result of filing their taxes, and we are encouraging them to do more with it for their futures”, says Mary Ann Givens, Branch Manager of Hope Credit Union.

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6 Money-Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund

  1. Pay down credit card debt. First, attack the card with the highest interest rate.
  2. Build up an emergency fund. Tuck some of that tax refund into savings.
  3. Invest in a retirement plan.
  4. Prepay your mortgage or loans.
  5. Be good to your car and your home.
  6. Treat yourself (Be SMART About It)

For more information about HOPE Credit Union visit: HopeCU.org

Mary Ann Givens of Hope Credit Union talks to inCity Magazine about how to best use tax refunds