Marketing Consultant Christopher Thomas’ Clients WIN During A Global Pandemic Using His Unique Empathetic Formula

Marketing in general has many misconceptions and is a very sticky subject for most companies. Marketing during a global pandemic has had its own set of challenges. Some companies have proven NOT to be business that their clients, vendors and employees thought that they were.

Why does there seem to be so many misunderstandings about how marketing is really supposed to work? On another note, many companies believe that since their competition is doing or saying something, they have to do or say it too.

Most authors of marketing books are recycling the same words in their headlines. From “Best Marketing Book”, “Must Read Marketing Book”, “Every Marketer Must Read”, “Top Marketing Book of All Time” or “Most Effective Marketing Book”.

Just as there are many authors with opinions about effective marketing, the same is true with those who claim to be marketing gurus. Many take a few courses, attend a few workshops, then claim to be able to double, 5x even 10x’s the sales for their clients.

Christopher Thomas states, “Over the past few decades, test after test (some would call them failures) and evaluation after evaluation, I began to learn something about Marketing. It’s not what I learned in school at all.”

At the age of 12, Christopher started working with the family’s construction company. Within his family, there were multiple generations of business owners for him to observe and learn from. Presented to him were good and some not so good examples … all becoming learning lessons. By the age of 16, Christopher started his first business, a janitorial company he named Dirt Penitentiary. The company’s tagline was ‘We Are Locking All The Scum Up”. By the age of 18, Christopher made the decision to sell the business.

As a sought-after global marketing, branding and business growth consultant with over 50 different industries as a part of his experience, Christopher has worked with startups, private and public companies, government, associations and leaders to more well known brands such as LensCrafters, Rolls Royce, Coke, W Hotel, Atlantic Records, Capitol Records, Air Force, GMC, Global Computers, BJ’s, Chevrolet, Remy, Cadillac, T-Mobile and more.

Christopher guides his clients to winning destinations by mixing together, “Right Action + Attractive Love” into their business. Resulting in an infinite and mind-bending marketing strategy that NO business is capable of competing with!

During the global pandemic, Christopher became the Chairman and Founder of VirtMe Technology a new technology company in the virtual reality (VR) space.

“The world has changed and more shifts are happening. Virtual Reality can be a pivoting asset to our daily lives. In addition to increasing the capabilities to educate our youth and increasing health care advancement … helping to solve social connectivity and clean energy challenges”, says Christopher Thomas.