Love Is Not Attachment Or Conditions
The training takes practice. Not to be perfect ,but to keep moving forward

The thing about the interests’ people are the most passionate about, it occupies a large portion of their personality. It’s a scream that takes all their might and it echoes out into the void. There’s no practice or reason. It’s just a Flash of emotions and when it collides or contradicts someone else’s, it can feel like a personal affront. No matter how fierce your feelings or beliefs, though they may not all overlap or align, this does not mean you or anybody else is wrong. It may be that your passion does not allow you to acknowledge coexisting truths. Maintaining the thought process of I’m right and you are wrong is singular and it is destructive.

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Our purpose is loving and being loved. It is not attachment, wanting, being alone, money, or ego. Unfortunately, some people live otherwise. We usually speak as though love is just a good feeling; A verb used to describe a vague variety of things. However, there are a lot of good feelings you can have that are not rooted in love such as things you can do out of what you perceive to be love when you’re with someone that is important to you.

What is important is the commitment to ground your relationship with yourself, not someone or something. There is more than just a transitional feeling that can illuminate and make it work in joy. When you believe the passion is love, no more no less, you end up wanting to end a relationship as soon as you are no longer getting the hormonal high from your partner. This can lead to unrealistic truths such as blaming them for it and seeking out what they lack, hurting them subconsciously, or worse, on purpose.

There are subconscious behaviors that are keeping you from having the life you want. The psychological effects of daily routine and things emotionally intelligent people do and not do. You should ask yourself these questions and you keep looking for answers. In an external way, all these things persist and present themselves in the internal connection with yourself. They are often signs of social intelligence in a person. We miss those things because we have been hurt by experiences that we have lived through such as trauma. Whatever feelings you are most likely to suppress, they are trying to tell you something that you need to know. The parts of you have been holding onto these memories in a safe inside your body. These come out in chemical dumpsters causing you to feel and act a certain way. This is the signal to the brain that is coming from your internal self. Your body is breaking you up and using your self-made limits to inhibit you. How do you hold people accountable if you never hold yourself to the same standard. You can start by understanding of oneself.

Happiness is a success. However, succeeding is not always happiness. To succeed, you must believe it’s worth thinking about. The effort is not nearly as likely the one responsible for consuming you. That would much more likely be the expectations you hold over yourself or others. I know this can seem awful confusing to people because of the cognitive biases that have been created due to the way you experienced your life.

Scanning your brain and understanding who you are is important to success. Let me give you some choices of which set of statements is truer to you.

Set A- I’m always willing to try something new if I think it will be fun and when good things happen to me it affects me strongly.

Set B- I worry about making mistakes. Criticism and failure hurt me quite a bit. I feel worried when I think I have done poorly on something important. I have many fears compared to my peers.

We can go on with more examples but understand why I am asking some of these questions. It is to figure out what type of person you have resulted in due to your experience and history. It is important to criticism to yourself but be kind. These things have dictated your caricature. The creation has bounded you like a doll made of strings. To finally be free is to be broken up not broken down. Broken up to align yourself and not just copy and paste another caricature.

 Written BY: Dr. Paul W Dyer