Mobility of the future

The world congress on sustainable mobility Global Mobility Call kicks off in Madrid

International experts such as Jeffrey Sachs, Michio Kaku, Uri Levine, and Carlo Ratti, outline the key features of the mobility of the future.
Some of the top representatives and decision-makers intervening are Adina Valean, EU Transport Commissioner; Young Tae Kim, President of the ITF; Eric-Mark Huitema, head of European car makers association (ACEA); Patrick Mallejaq, head of the World Road Association and Pedro Sánchez, President of the Spanish Government.

Spain is committed to leading the global race for sustainable mobility by convening all economic sectors and institutions driving the transformation of mobility. This is the goal of Global Mobility Call, the world congress on sustainable mobility organised by IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub, and sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, that took place in Madrid up until 16 June.

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, said that Global Mobility Call “is set to become the first reference point for the mobility of the future”, at a time when it is essential “to share ideas and experiences in pursuit of a sustainable mobility that will allow us to face the colossal challenge posed by climate change and that requires everyone’s efforts “.

The Chairman of IFEMA MADRID, José Vicente de losMozos, said that the goal of Global Mobility Call is “set to bethe world landmark event in sustainable mobility” and “the top business platform for projects that will transform sustainable mobility” driving join initiatives among all sectors, institutions, regulators, companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Juan José Lillo, co-founder of Smobhub, recalled that “new social habits and digitalisation have quadrupled the movement of people and goods globally”, accelerating the transformation of transport, a sector that is in the spotlight due to the need to achieve the national decarbonization targets under the Parisclimate Agreement. “At Global Mobility Call, we have created an agenda that emphasises the word Call in its name, which is a call to action”, he said.

The meeting, held at a key moment of post-pandemic recovery and in the midst of an energy crisis, will drive the sustainable mobility debate as the great lever for change in the new economy, bringing together large companies, corporations and multinationals from the industrial sectors that are active in the development of sustainable mobility. Some of the companies present are Bolt, Cabify, Europcar Mobility Group, Iberia, Renfe, Adif, Renault Group – Mobilize, Etra, Indra, Net4things, Accenture, Deloitte, EY, and McKinsey & Company; Iberdrola, Repsol and ProLogium; Santander Consumer Finance or Mapfre.

Strong institutional support comes from King Felipe of Spain, who chairs the Congress’ honorary committee, the Spanish Government, with the participation of President Pedro Sánchez and the Ministers of Transport and Mobility, Raquel Sánchez, and of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, as well as international institutional representatives such as Adina Valean, Commissioner for Transport of the European Commission; Young Tae Kim, President of ITF; Eric-Mark Huitema, President of ACEA; Patrick Mallejaq, Secretary General of PIARC; and representatives of POLIS, WWF, WHO and IDB.

Michio Kaku, Uri Levine, Jeffrey Sachs, Carlo Rati, will feature, as well as some of the best European and international public-private collaboration projects in the context of the European Recovery Plan, such as PAsCAL, Gaia-X, One Planet Cities, SMarta, 5G-MOBIX EU, and major researchsuch as AIL: Automotive Innovation Lab, Renewables Now, Center for Future Mobility and es.movilidad.

Global Mobility Call is organized around the key mobility challenges: New Urban Planning, Economic Development & Regulation, Sustainable Transportation, Tech, Data & Innovation, and Future Society , which integrates three major movements with an impact on society: New Generation, Rural Challenge, and New Economy. In addition, there will also be a forum dedicated to Latin America.