inCity Magazine STREAMING: Delighting in Your Life and Work

Book title: Delighting in Your Life and Work

Sub-title: Sharing golden nuggets with you that have taken me a lifetime to learn

Author: Amanda Barnes Acklin

About the author: 

  • Originally from New York, Amanda Barnes Acklin is a high-impact marketer with extensive experience in creating web content and collateral for industry-leading organizations. 
  • An MBA who started her career in the music industry, Amanda currently resides in Atlanta with her family. She enjoys visiting with family and friends, and antiquing (shopping at antique flea markets) to repurpose great little finds in her spare time. 
  • You can stay connected with Amanda at https://www.linkedin.com/in/amandabarnes5/

Why did I write this particular book? I wanted to share my experiences and important lessons learned — how I have pulled through to see the bright spots and the positive aspects of my life. The bright spots that I am truly grateful for. I’m even thankful for the hard spots and tough lessons learned. With this book, I hope to help others see that they too can delight in their life and work.

The things I talk about in this book took me a lifetime to learn — my wish is that others take the lessons I outlined and really make them their own to help them on their life’s journey. 

Favorite line in the book:

Move forward in FAITH, not in FEAR.

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