inCity Feature: Meet Attorney Carla V. Morton

Please introduce yourself to our readers

My name is Carla V. Morton. I am a Birmingham native. Born and raised in Titusville and a A. H. Parker High School graduate. I currently spear head my own practice as an Attorney here in Birmingham. 

Did you always know you wanted to be an attorney?

Yes. Since I was a child who watched Perry Mason television show I knew that I wanted to be in law. My first endeavor was to be a paralegal like Della. After working as a paralegal for 17 years I decided that I wanted to go to law school to become a lawyer.

Can you tell us more about your journey to being an attorney?

I worked for many years as a paralegal and after being an intricate part of the preparation of so many cases I decided that I wanted to go all into the profession and become a lawyer.  I had the privilege of working with some of Birmingham top lawyers who nurtured my desire to enter into the field. One of the most profound mentors was Judge Agnes Chappell. Judge Agnes Chappell and her family was the motivation to enter Law School.  She provided me with tools and contacts to help me make the decisions.  Also, friend Attorney Mary-Ellen Bates, who I worked along side for seven years help me on my journey by offering encouragement and direction in my time of need. I have been blessed to have friends that have stood by me on the journey to becoming an attorney  and have remained my friends for the 15 years of my service. 

What would you say is the most rewarding part of owning your business?

The ability to manage my vision for how I want to serve my community and the liberty to provide my clients with equitable and fair support in the courtroom. 

What has been the most challenging aspect?

The most challenging aspect of owning my own business has been keeping up with the changing technology associate it with client contact. The COVID-19 virus pushed the business into a new direction that we are now developing and nurturing to ensure that we could have a successful client contact as well as continual client growth. 

How important is it to have the proper mindset as an entrepreneur?

Mindset is one of the most important factors. Your mindset is the difference in success and failure. Your mindset is the difference in sinking or swimming. Every entrepreneur should learn to satisfy their mental state before embarking on any business venture. 

Do you have any advice for the would-be entrepreneurs out there?

My advice to entrepreneurs would be to create a mission statement to follow along with a five year goal setting out an understanding of  business ownership.  Create a longevity plan to allow you to  adapt to the circumstances that come with economic growth and economic changes. 

What advice would you give to current students or people who think they have the entrepreneurial spirit? What should they do to get the most out of their time and experience, so they can hit the ground running?

Write the vision and make it plain! Then go find a mentor / mentors who will help guide, give you council, and support you through all of the ups and downs and decisions that have to be made as an entrepreneur. I would also advise those that have an entrepreneurial spirit to make sure that they network  with people that believe in them and that will speak life into them through everything. Even when the skies are gray. 

Are there any tech/apps etc that you can’t live without?

Goggle map.  

How can our readers contact you (phone, email, website and social media)

Phone : 205-267-2473

Email:  carlavamortonforjudge@gmail.com

Facebook / Carla Morton and Carla V. Morton for Judge