Health Eating for 2016

Health Eating for 2016

If eating healthy is part of your New Year’s list of resolutions here are a few things to consider.

When setting your resolutions for the whole year make them realistic. Breaking a bad habit is hard, so you must take it step by step.

The Crucial part of healthy  eating is a balanced diet.

A balanced diet or a good diet means in the right quantities.

Nutritionists say there are five main food groups – whole grains, fruit and vegetables, protein, dairy, fat & sugar.

Here are a few tips to keep  in  mind:
1. Jot down your list goals
2. Do your research
3. Enlist a friend or family member for support.

Healthy freshly prepared #Organic food can be delicious!

I will be posting a variety of #Organic and non #Organic cuisines that I have personally prepared for my clients and also from my favorite food lists.

Until next time!

Bon Appetite!

Executive Chef Ly

Chef Ly, inCity Magazine