Black non-profit founder believes investing in today’s youth can change the narrative of tomorrow.

As Art of Transparency (AOT) approaches its six-year anniversary, founder Mikkita Moore prepares to extend her focus to providing teenagers with the resources that will motivate and encourage their personal growth and development. Moore understands the circumstances and situations that equate to the lifestyles of those that some deem the invisible youth. By building healthy relationships and self-awareness, she will provide young ladies and men with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Helping to guide teens is Moore’s life’s journey. “Working with teens became my mission because there was no one that I could talk to when I needed to talk,” AOT founder Moore said. “Being a teen mom, I know it is not about the ones in your ear it’s about the ones you trust enough to be transparent with,” she added.

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AOT is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that creates positive platforms and safe spaces for sharing personal testimonies with the goal of helping others realize their breakthrough and place them on a path to healing from past or current traumas. Each year selected guests are comprised of national and international speakers, authors, and performing artists from all walks of life. They are survivors and conquerors of domestic violence, suicide attempts, growing up fatherless/motherless, street violence, and more. AOT travels 10 months out of the year to different cities and states across the country, culminating with one international destination each year.

Speaking on the AOT platform reminds Moore of the impact needed to help somebody along their healing journey. She strives to be the face of survival and starting over. “For me being transparent is the key to healthy living. I have learned that the story God gave each of us to live is only the testimony to help the next person behind us know that they, too, can make it,” Moore said.

AOT was initially developed in 2016 to promote Moore’s first book titled, The Letter, From the Invisible Daughter. However, after seeing the healing that took place, Moore turned AOT into a domestic international tour. To date, more than 900,000 lives have been touched through the AOT platform, the talk/radio show, and community outreach.