Dr Paul W Dyer talks with Dr. Latarsha Holding :

  • Miss Holden how did it begin, how did you start your healing?

A .After a painful marriage ended fourteen years ago, I was left homeless with six children in the streets of Atlanta, uneducated and underemployed at thirty five years old.

Q. Life is cruel and human conditions can defeat others, but not you. Why?

A. I had twelve eyes watching me and I knew no one was coming to save us. I made a vow that the streets wasn’t going to raise my six children nor the jails would house them.

Q. Others have said and used words “ pull yourself by your own boot straps” was education a thought?

A. I decided to enroll in college while we were living in a boarded up house as squatters. I was terrified about enrolling in college. I hadn’t been in school since I dropped out in the tenth grade. I knew I had to do something to change the trajectory of my life and for my children. Working my way up from rock bottom was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The mental shift was almost unbearable, but God saw me through it. In the last twelve years I’ve overcame the odds, as I liberated my family from homelessness and hopelessness.

Q. You have given hope to so many by sharing this story. I love life and you are living proof. What is next ?

A. I’m now a prolific author with books ranging from my autobiography, four children’s books, a personal development training manual, leadership book, a four-part youth series and my latest release a mini parenting guide to empower other single parents.

Q. There has been much done since you being homeless and almost taking your own life.

A. I’m a former political candidate as I ran for City Council in the “2017,” election. I was named Ga/National Mother of the Year “2020,” by American Mother’s Inc. I am the 85th woman in U.S. History to hold the title of National Mother of the Year. I’ve organized several community events for the homeless, and empowerment events to encourage women. I advocate on several issues such as domestic violence, equal rights amendment, homelessness, stop the violence and lack of affordable housing.

Q. Trauma has stop people from moving forward and being a light. You have given service as your mission.

A. I’ve been a guest panelist on different platforms to discuss topics such as Leaders in Ministry, Race, and Poverty in America, Women in Politics, Entrepreneurship and Homelessness. I was the owner of LDW Residential Contracting Services for five years.

Q. What is next for you Dr Holden.

As a servant leader, I have implemented several leadership principles that changed the trajectory of my family: from a life of poverty, homelessness, and hopelessness. As a mother of six children my leadership principles became a solid foundation from which my children-built careers in the military, medical field, became authors, college students, and young adult leaders.

Q. Now you

A. I’m now the CEO of Phoenix Rising a Personal Development, Leadership and Empowerment Company.



Q. Thank you so much for visiting with me to share your journey.

A. Dr Paul it is my pleasure talking with you. I want people to know that God if you listen has a plan for you and all of us. When we come together as individuals we will come together as people.

I want us all to sit and take a moment to not just see glory but to let glory see you and take you out of your way to greatness.

Written by: Dr Paul W Dyer