Danyelle And Dionna Gray: Launch Pop-Up Museum That Puts Women On Display In A Fun And Instagrammable  Way
Siblings and Founders Danyelle & Dionna Gray Presents,“Womanish” Pop-Up Experience Downtown Chicago

Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Founders Danyelle & Dionna Gray have finally put their finishing touches on their new and improved Womanish pop-up experience in downtown Chicago. Their exhibit features 16 installations from various different artists. The highly anticipated experience was scheduled to open its doors in Spring 2020 but was postponed due to COVID 19.

However, now, Dionna & Danyelle have successfully launched a safe place for women to feel, be heard, be celebrated, and be seen. They have created a 5 floor, 40,000 sq. ft dreamland of celebration for women. Highlighting important topics to them like black girl magic, and mental health; they’ve created a first of its kind experience.

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According to Forbes, “They see Womanish as more than an exhibition. To them, it is a cultural movement.” On Thursday, September 3rd, Womanish opened its doors to the public following specific COVID-19 guidelines to ensure a safe and culturally energetic experience. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago on 114 S. State Street, it is not just another pop-up. Womanish is an exploration of identity and perspectives of women and a movement that creates progressive visual and physical experiences for all to explore, contemplate, and share.

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Tickets are now on sale at WeAreWomanish.com. Attendees can expect to enter into a ticketed exhibition composed of multiple exploratory room activations; in a space imagined and built by The concepts are produced as large room activations, intimate installation experiences, pathways, transitions, all with curated by amazing artists.

Follow the brand on Twitter @WeAreWomanish 

Instagram @WomanishExperience

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