You’re out of your Neo Cortex

The preaching to the teaching of a morality code does not work with the trauma inflicted effected disease sickness that sits like a boil on the soul to the physical mind and body. There is a cure!!  

The more you know: Neo-cortex function is perception, decision-making, and language.

I Will Stand/ I Shall Stand:

I am standing in my shoes

I am standing in my father’s shoes

I am standing in my mother’s shoes

I am standing in my brother’s shoes

I am standing in my sister’s shoes

I was standing

Until you lifted me off the ground with your constitutional rope

I will hang here until We All Stand Together. By: Dr. Paul W Dyer

“I am exploding from cough to sneeze, wheezing with every breath to infinity. I am alone, scared and afraid with no end in sight.” These are your words not mine, when you are sick. This continuous bargaining for a better health plan from God when all along it was the choices you made.

“I do not belong in here they got it all wrong, those Mother F.. kers had it out for me since I was born. They are just afraid of the slave being a man. It is the only choice I have living on these streets to survive.” These rants and tantrums come after and not before you were caught.  The blame comes from sickness and sadness and not asking for help.

“I have to give it up because I am a child myself. No one loved me, no one protected me, then why should I Love anything or anyone when everyone is out for themselves, and you cannot trust anybody or anything.” Through the molestation a vision is born, a corruption of the hippocampus has weakened you.

Through billions of years and billions of neurons and evolution has not and will not ever factor in The Complaint.  The action is your perception not fact. You are out of your Neo- cortex. The reality real-estate was developed by the internal builder of self and contracted by you to build the environment you are living in.  You are the builder of this community of hate, distrust, and suffering. These are your building plans not God’s. The ground you piss, shit, kick, punch, curse on while you are trying to grow love is your creation. You seek nothing and steal everything.

There will be continuous talks on nature and nurture or nature vs nature. As relevant it is many leave out one important variable and that is choice. I will always agree with how the upbringing of a seed, a child and how damaging it is, and the causes and effects it has created.

Photosynthesis s the action that a plant goes through with acceptance from the almighty sun. We as humans as sentient beings have the same action when we accept the life force from the almighty God.

When you let the creator create you and you follow the plans of glory blessings come. When you build in forgiveness the colors are bright and beautiful. When You use the tools of love, charity and hope, no walls will ever be broken or breech.  When you ask for help from almighty, glory will shine upon you and bring you forward out of darkness.

There is no judgment here from me to you. What I hope you get is that I understand. What I also hope you get is that you have a chance and a choice. The choice is yours of what you are doing and not doing. The light workers, the warriors are all ready for you to reach up and grab the lion’s paw. When you do, we shall call you friend, brother, sister, husband, wife, and father.

Written by: Dr Paul W Dyer

We can only be better when we understand that we need help in all aspects of life to do better. Love You All Dr. Paul W Dyer