YOU Are All Being Slapped

The menstrual show, the show of clowns, the show of the black face, the show that we as Black America continue to put on for those that allow us. To share my cries for those that allow us to kill ourselves for those who see us as nothing but a Minstrel show, a clown show, a show that we must put on for them. A show where we shall slap ourselves.

 The mental imprisonment is such a condition that we don’t even see because we believe that the cloud holds the rain, and we don’t even know how we cause the precipitation that makes the rain fall.

After more than a century of trying, Congress passes an anti-lynching bill. This Is The Biggest Slap and Punch We as Black America Continues To Get!!

We still see no sunlight until, we see the sun that lies within us, we should see no sunlight until we see the sun that we are.

 Do we bleed into the ground and let the fear be washed away by the rivers? As Jacob’s Trumpet blows, mountains of pain crumbles on top of us, as we struggle to be free in a world that we should never see as freedom. But we continue to put on the faces of curse words and the frowns of blame only to be viewed like an animal in a petting zoo, while wearing the clown face and then arguing amongst ourselves that we are being disrespected.

 We argue amongst ourselves by economic depreciation, but spend money on shoes, clothes, and cars we don’t need.   We give money to those who seek only to harm us and look down at our own reflections. The conditioned of our education will cause us to slap one another and apologize to the other for being seen.

The play of the great creator has rolled out the stage for all to play a role and we continue with the same caricature of black clown in a Bull Market for imperialistic courts.

The question is are you a slave or are you free? This question is supposed to be blunt. Often a blunt strike awakens the body. The blunt strike can also kill you when it is struck hard enough or in the right place. This strike is directed at your soul’s spirit. Don’t be delusional that this is not connected to your mind and your body. Yes, I just slapped you.

I am black man who have been raised as a human being of light who happens to have black skin. In history in America and in the world, we have known of the separation of human beings from gender to race and religion and of course skin color. You have also been separated from the collected spirit of the universe. You have been segregated from your true self. Since this has happened you have been a slave. You are being enslaved by environment and the social construct, this causes you to slap one another, curse another and look for ways to not help one another.  

This Was Being Asked In 1965.

 Go ahead ask the damn question? If you did not ask the question, you are in deeper than you think. If you ask the question, then you are breathing just a little. If you stop asking the question, then you have accepted death and this slap or the next from the abusive spouse, the slap from racism, the slap from hate, the slap from the fear or pain will never awaken you.  And you will remain a slave, a clown on their award stage, a black face for the menstrual show. To clear this goes much deeper than church on Sunday, a self-help book, a vacation. This takes reeducation of the brain, body, soul, and spirit.

Written By: Dr. Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer Gm