The Underground Railroad / Memorial Day
Don’t Take For granted The Service Of Others.

There is an immediate vision when we see or hear these words. The vision of struggle and freedom combined with lots and lots of trauma and death. Then there is Memorial Day that people celebrate with glee and cheer. Not remembering the death of others who sacrifice for the service to others. History is often said it will repeat itself. I do adhere to the theory that universe has unification in physics uniting the heaven and earth reveling the laws of motion. Understanding the dimension of strings tying actions to one another and all. The human subconscious is not only the repository of personal experiences and memories but also those of the whole of humanity. All human beings share a subconscious mind that stores the memories of all human beings, alive and dead.

The history of the Underground Railroad and Memorial Day is so misunderstood. Go and look at the history and get a full understanding of what can and could. but most of all will be done in the days ahead. We will need not your shame or your false since of pride and Ego, but your dying service.

It is not a matter of understanding or hearing the call it is a choice to serve. The Underground Railroad had its duty and was meant to be. Today’s railroad in this modern war is the consciousness action of the one. Are you the One? Will you be the only One? The answer is not collective but singular. When the mind is activated, it will connect to the consciousness of the whole. The whole from the past to the future.

The fear of the elite is the power of the world being activated on a service in collective consciousness.  When we become active, we will be as one. This will not be as one human being, but able to feel compassion for others without constrictions of fear and class structures. This is taught in physics and in psychology. The universal mind consciousness is a process by which formless energy appears to come into physical form within human beings.

As we develop our whole the formless thought comes into form within human beings. The three levels of thought and attempts to explain how thought at each of these levels precedes people psychological experience and their sensations, perceptions, emotions, and their behaviors. Furthermore, in this process thoughts refers to all mental activity, as well as all spiritual activity taken in by human beings and all living creatures.  This system demonstrates how Universal Mind, Consciousness and Thought works together to convert what appears to begin as formless energy into physical form. The quantum field appears to contain an infinite number of every type of particle in potential form waiting for thoughts to tell it how to behave.

The fact that the freed slaves’ and soldiers who died to fight for freedom of themselves and this country started the Memorial Day tribute is not as well remembered is emblematic of the struggle that would follow, as African Americans’ fight to be fully recognized for their contributions to American society continues to this day. We as people have been failing. We as people cannot fail too much longer. We as people must include me too.

As the new railroad is being built to serve our human race from being beaten and put back into slavery. As the new soldier that is needed is the one who will give their life again and again. I ask you this are you hearing the voice that is calling to you? Are you responding to the energy that is vibrating and sounding the bells like pots and pans banging in the windy storm? I am calling to you in this storm. No. I am shouting to you in this storm. Help!!

Weather it is Now or Later you will be asked this question and your answer will not save you then, but it will save you now.

Why didn’t You Help Your Fellow Man? Why Didn’t you serve Freedom?

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer GM.

I shall Always Server Humanity.