Tay “Yvng” Smith makes people think twice & touch lives

Tay “Yvng” Smith makes people think twice & touch lives
1.) Well, to start off, my name is De’Ante Smith. Formally known as Yvng. That’s Y V N G lol, but I’m from Millbrook Alabama from the hood known as Sandtown.
2.) Honestly, I’ve had a passion for writing poetry ever since I was 8 years old so the love for hip hop just came naturally. Not to mention that I love the rhythm of any type of music. I honestly just love the fact that through hip hop, especially since in modern terms it has been so publicized, that I can reach out and touch any individual by the very words that I speak.
3.) My biggest influences I could honestly say are Big K.R.I.T. , Kevin Gates, Don Trip, Tupac and Big of course, but more than all Scarface.
4.) Honestly, my choice of diction has grown immensely. I’ve always had a nack for creating truly original and exquisite metaphors and analogies, but I see myself growing as more as a writer and a poet each and every day.
4b.) Listeners can expect to find a true release in my music. I just want to let them know that they aren’t the only ones going through something and that no matter the pain it is, I understand it and I try my best to express ALL of the words that they never had the courage to say.
5.) Truthfully, I like today’s hip hop as far as going out and partying, but it lacks content. I feel as if the difference between me and today’s mainstream artists is the fact that I can relate to various different types of crowds.
6.) Anyone can reach me through
Facebook: Deante Grindtime Smith
Twitter: @Blocka72x_
Instagram: @_yvngking2x
Snapchat: @da_ambitious
I’m free to answer any questions and I accept all fan mail. I love to elaborate, collaborate, and intermingle with my peer group.
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