Standing Wrong, Moving Right

As people who study human conditions and behaviors, certain things are easier to notice for us, like a firefly on a hot summer’s night in the middle of a dark field. Fear has caused so many deaths of the mind, heart and more.

Standing Wrong, Moving Right has also caused the death of the physical, the heart, and the mind. To do nothing. Standing still is not just a metaphor, but an actual action taken by others who can be indecisive, confused, or self-righteous.  As a person with autism, to be particular with my words, to mean what I say, it’s important. Words have meaning, and those meanings having direction. A misdirection can and does cause the destruction, and even death, of the connections we share through communication.

Did a lightbulb go off? Can you acknowledge that words can create, nurture, or damage?

Standing wrong is more than just lacking the ability to recognize where they rest on their mental and physical plane, but also with the inactions they choose to hide behind in a world of “most”. Those who stand wrong, they do so under the assumption that everyone shares understanding. We all live in a grouping world. Your group just so happens to depend on which mental wave function you ride. My dad Dr. Paul Dyer and I, we ride the spectrum.

Those who live in a neurotypical world are surrounded by norm while those who live in a neurodivergent world are surrounded by confusion and misunderstandings. “This stick weighs like a thousand pounds.”, or “That light is as bright as the sun.”  In the shared world, all very common and loosely spoken. In our world, all confusing. In our world, “That stick cannot be more than eight ponds.”, and “The sun is literally a star made of fire, how is that possible?” Why must some try to survive in the world of most. Why must we diversify?

We all are emotionally shocked by the killings, shootings, beatings, and different protests that takes place in our universe. They have this profound effect on us as a people. However, I notice that they are rarely focused on nor emotionally effected by the isolation both emotionally and mentally that the unaware world forces onto those they chose to ignore until the month of April, Autism awareness month. We, as a people, cannot continue to allow this painful separation between groups to continue. We have a duty to our loved ones, our communities, and to ourselves to step up and move forward.

We are in a time of great change. Old and destructive systems everywhere are collapsing. We have started to look at all the paths that can guide us to a sustainably harmonious way of living. To relationships between one and another as well as one another to Mother Earth. The path that needs our focus: human connection. The point for us is not to ask for acceptance. Dr. Paul and I, as well as many others, care not that we are welcomed into the neurotypical world. What we ask is only for understanding. We ask that you try. The effort can be laborious, but isn’t it worth it in the end? We are here to guide and always welcoming those who come to learn.

Written by : Nia Dyer and Dr Paul W Dyer

Dr. Paul W Dyer
Nia Dyer