Songstress Tia Danielle: Sings from The Heart

Songstress Tia Danielle: Sings from The Heart

inCity Magazine will be following a young songstress by the name of Tia Danielle from Alabama over the next few weeks/months as she learns the music industry and making her way to stardom.

Here’s the scoop about her:

Singer Songwriter Tia Danielle is fresh on the scene with a gift that will leave a lasting impact. She started singing as a hobby at the age of 6 and when she discovered she was good at it, she made it her craft. Tia Danielle is a 14 year old Sagittarius born in Alabama that sings Pop and R&B and will be a Freshman at Stanhope Elmore High School this Fall.

Tia Danielle is paving a path to a professional career in singing someday. To help her with that, she is learning how to play the keyboard.

Tia showcases her talent by performing in talent shows, and competitions. She has performed at the Music Room on Edgewood, Vinyl Center Stage in Atlanta, GA, and in 2015 she competed in the Lift Up Atlanta`s Youth Talent Competition. Tia Danielle plans to get her music heard by performing at different HBCU Homecoming shows, and live shows in the Alabama and Georgia area.

Everyone is inspired by someone. Tia Danielle is inspired by singers such as Rhianna, Keisha Cole, Beyonce, and Adelle. With every song, there is a reason for each lyric. What moves her to sing is the confidence and self esteem that she has in herself. In her spare time she likes to write poetry, draw, hang with friends, travel with family, and she will run Track at school this Fall. When Tia Danielle goes to college, it will be to obtain a degree in vocal performance.

Tia Danielle can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and she is also on Soundcloud.

Written by Stephanie Childs