President Trump Unveils ‘Opening Up America Again’

WASHINGTON — President Trump is pushing to get Americans back to normal life from coronavirus lockdowns within weeks under new reopening guidelines shared with governors on Thursday, The Post has learned.

The “Opening Up American Again” guidelines say states that show a downward trend in COVID-19 cases will be able to reopen their restaurants, bars, theaters, workplaces, sporting centers and gyms as soon as May 1.

Trump told governors on a conference call that “you’re gonna call your shots,” saying the guidelines were a recommendation.

“Bottom line, if you’re ready and you have those beautiful, low numbers like some of you have, let’s get going, let’s open up your state,” Trump told state leaders in a largely friendly call in which he praised governors for their hard work.

Under the guidelines, states will need to demonstrate a downward trajectory of COVID-19 cases over a 14-day period and a “robust” system for testing health care workers before they can proceed to a phased opening.

Phase 1 recommends continued social distancing, closure of schools, teleworking and sheltering in place for vulnerable individuals.

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