Masterpiece to Watch in Quarantine

Some masterpieces don’t make it to the box office, Traces of Indignity is one of them.

With new film releases grinding to a halt in response to the spread of the coronavirus, many have used these weeks of self-quarantine to cast an eye backward over their favorites, and to fill in what they have missed.

inCity Magazines recommendation of a masterpiece, is Traces of Indignity.

TRACES OF INDIGNITY follows an accomplished Author, Public Speaker, Wife and Mother who has achieved much fame and fortune by focusing on family, sharing knowledge and wisdom of success and encouraging others to always do the right thing and good things will come to you.

Dr. Augusta Weber has traveled the world over promoting her books and DVDs and selling out public speaking events. She is a retired College Professor who is greatly admired by all. Dr. Weber is supported by her 2 daughters, Dova and Gail, her husband Neil and her Publicist Sonya.

Although Dr. Weber is an advocate for being straight-forward, open and honest, she is protecting a deep, dark secret that has plagued her for years. An aggressive journalist, Ruby, is determined to denounce Dr. Weber’s character by uncovering the truth and scoring the next big story.

As Dr. Weber begins her second tour for her latest best selling novel, she and her family fall victim to stalking and media backlash that ultimately leads her to unveil her past.

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