Motivational Moments With Dr Dyer: Community Self Speak
Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer Gm

Community self speak:

For Centuries Our community has fought against the Plutocracy , autocracy , technocracy created by those who consider themselves elite.  The atrocities manifested to keep our community out of knowledge of Truth, Justice, as well as Remedies that allow all to be free in this world.  We as a community have never once been taught to be free as a whole community. The individualization of freedoms have been subscribed, but unified freedom has ever been achieved.

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When you take a look at the global ecosystem , you can notice a failed effort. From The single cell , to  multi-cellular evolution it is very destructive behaviors. I am not going to forget that part of this is Secular and circular in thought and action. To be able to recognize these changes are essential to the well being and prosperity of every human being on the planet.  Each one speaks to the entitlements all are guaranteed, emphasizing the importance of motherhood, childhood, and family being the nucleus of society. To many this is an illusions created to keep us divided, removing the pillars of confusion in order to stand in truth with dignity and integrity.

On a side note I often think of stop using the words like true, integrity because of the subjectiveness of these words and many others. Our connections to our perceptions or deeply rooted in the blocks of our mind, heart, and spirit. To have a free community let us remove our deep rooted concepts and open our living channels to be able to be free. 

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Through the emotional reaction  sciences I teach , I help you understand what thoughts movement is doing, With the help of the brain’s Hypothalamus, pituitary, Pineal glands and 100 billion neurons. The  consciousness control all the movements of our body. This is why we learn to train with the action of breath moving life through and around your magnetic field.  All the Aether ( this is the spiritual realm of life)energy contained in the human body can be extracted by the universal sacred  field while living in the physical body. As per our previous birth actions the power of purity of the soul greatly affects on DNA and RNA levels. 

Written By: Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer Gm