Meet Danny Carr, Jefferson County Chief Deputy DA

Meet Danny Carr, Jefferson County Chief Deputy DA

Our publisher was able to sit and talk with Danny Carr of Jefferson County.

pictured above: Danny Carr, Jefferson County Chief Deputy DA

My name is Danny Carr and I’m a native of Birmingham Alabama. I was raised in Ensley one of the toughest areas in the city. I attended Jackson Olin High School, Alabama State University, then Miles College School of law. I have been a prosecutor for 17 years. I’m currently the Chief Deputy DA. I was appointed Interim DA by the presiding Judge Boohaker and after serving in the capacity of DA for over a year Governor Kay Ivy decided to appoint someone else (a Republican) to the position. As a result I’m currently a candidate for the position.

I use to be very athletic. I actually attended Alabama State University on a basketball scholarship. I still enjoy watching an attending sporting events and grilling.

Why I became and attorney:
I loved Perry Mason and Matlock. My grandmother and mother would watch that show all the time. I also hated math and it’s not much math in law school Lol. However I wanted to be in a position to make a difference in people’s lives and help people. Subsequently I decided that being a prosecutor would allow me to use my law degree and license to do the right thing and bring justice to people in whatever form it appears.

Responsibility of the DA:
I believe the MAJOR responsibility of the DA is to make sure that the innocent don’t suffer and that the guilty don’t go free. The DA should be diligent and compassionate in their decision making. Justice and doing what’s right should be the hallmark of every prosecutor’s existence. The role of the DA shouldn’t be swayed by public policy but motivated by one word and that’s JUSTICE and doing what’s right!

Contribute to my community:
I have been in the community for years prior to seeking the office of DA. I have led discussions at various schools regarding gun violence, drugs, gangs etc. young people need to understand that they may not be the next Lebron James but they can be the next Danny Carr. I have received various awards for my community advocacy and outreach. My work has continued and will continue into the future.