Medical: La Luna Herbal Remedy Workshop

Medical: La Luna Herbal Remedy Workshop

Spend a day learning the fundamentals of combining nature and science for your overall health and wellness.   La Luna is an Herbal Remedy Workshop dedicated to the Moon’s Cycles, Rhythms and Seasons.  At La Luna you will receive a deeper understanding of how natural remedies connect to self-love as well as family care. This premiere event will be held on Saturday, October 27th at Lake Haynes Villa in Conyers, GA. Our hostess Susan Dilworth, Owner of S-Class – Natural Spa and Herbal Sanctuary launches a new series of workshops where she features holistic teachers and lecturers presenting alternative ways of integrating herbs in healthy food preparation as well as mind-body-nature connections into everyday life.

Highlights of the La Luna (the Moon) workshop program includes wild foraging, wild food preparation and the interactive front range cooking of our Wild Ancestor Feast. But there’s so much more to our full day program. Click here and go to our  Facebook page to find out more about our incredible agenda.

Sunrise Fitness

Workshop 1 – Start the day with Lakendrick Kelly who will share tips and tricks to awaken your body.  Continue with low impact exercising and stretching


Workshop 2 – Aker el Bey, will offer Kundalini Meditation in a sanctuary atmosphere with candles, drums & chimes, and valuable take-home techniques. If you have never experienced Kundalini Mediation, this is your chance for an introduction with a loving and patient teacher.


Sun & Moon teas
In this lesson, Mary Cotterman, will be exploring the most commonly known herbal infusion – a cup of tea but…plot twist…she is going to show you a cup of tea with herbs that are in collaboration with our closest celestial bodies. You will make and taste your own teas, learn about healing properties of our plant friends that we’ll be using, and gain a basic understanding of the sun and moon cycles, rhythms and seasons at different points in the year. You’ll come away from this lesson with an accessible and delicious way to connect to the world of the stars, planets, suns and of course moons to the flora around you.

Crystal & Herbal Delight

Wait? Crystals are stones! Why are they mentioned here? Right, Crystals are a form of precious gemstone. These gemstones or Crystal are made up of a pure mineral or a combination of such, making them beneficial and medicinal to your overall wellbeing. Susan will lead a class where you will make a Crystal & Herb combination to infuse your daily intake of alkaline or spring water.


Energy Channeling

Acupuncture is the most well-known form of energy healing work done on the body, quickly followed by Reiki, Chakra Healing and Healing Touch. Wisdom Therapeutics encompasses these forms and more. Satori will present his self-developed Wisdom Therapeutics concept of an integrative non-invasive therapy. To achieve this, he has comprised Herbology, Iridology, Wellness, and Energetic Manipulative Bodywork. He will be leading an energetic integrative Somatic full body demo.


Burnable Medicine
For thousands of years, humans have used smoke for ritual and pleasure. Together with Mary, you will be venturing into the cloudy realm of incense, herb bundles, and the uses of smoke to clear, ground, enliven, and protect us. This is a friendly way to begin interacting with the green world, ritual, and mindfulness.


Wild Food Foraging

Becky Beyer is a wild food enthusiast, burgeoning Appalachian Ethnobotanist, and farmer from Barnardsville, NC. She is going to take you on a botany nose-dive into a world of foraging, give insights on local Ethnobotany and share historical folk ways from our Ancestors when they went forging for the evening feast.

As the Sun begins to set and the Moon rises in the night sky, our Wild Ancestor Feast will be prepared by many helping hands and will soon be ready to serve. To honor our ancestors and our exclusive group of new friends, we will be dining on our foraging bounty of the day complemented by fresh Trout, Turkey, Pork (from Becky’s farm) as well as an array of Vegetable and Vegan dishes.

Let the feast begin… now time slows down, for when we feast, we slow down.

We lean back and enjoy several rounds of food topped off with herbal buns, butters, cheeses and apple tarts for desert. Herbal Liqueurs will be served as aperitifs and digestives. Each liquor will feature a short educational introduction given by our Hostess Susan where she will describe their true role in the feast and in fine dining. Later, we’ll make a round of Jäger Bombs and tell ghost stories.

At the end of a long day you will have a better understanding of how you can maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul by being able to identify and understand the healing properties in the plants, herbs, and flowers that are growing right outside your doorstep.  You will leave La Luna with practical knowledge to begin your trip back to Nature.

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La Luna Agenda

Please arrive between 7:00AM – 7:30AM to receive the most benefit of the wonderful Sunrise.

07:45AM – 08:30AM

Sunrise Fitness – Start your day with Kendrick and Akur el Bey by creating positive energy through Meditation, Yoga and Exercise as you watch the Sun come up.

09:00AM – 09:45AM

Southern Charm Breakfast

10:00AM – 11:00AM

Sun & Moons Teas – Mary kicks off the day with loads of medicinal information of the herbs being used for special tea blends left to seep in sun and the moon light. Susan will also share her knowledge of the healing and spiritual elements of infusing crystals and herbs in your daily drinking water.

11:00AM – 11:45AM

Wisdom Therapeutics presents an energetic integrative Somatic full body

demo. comprised Herbology, Iridology, Wellness, and Energetic Manipulative


12:00PM – 12:45PM

Lunch – Experience Halloween Fall Seasonal Soup, Wild Salad Fresh

and delicious Sandwiches.


We carpool to a close by new destination where you will learn to forage

for plants, herbs and flowers in Nature.

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Depart back to Lake House

04:30PM – 06:00PM

Refreshing Break – take this time to refresh, change clothes, snacks and infused water, wash up after your foraging experience. Change to White Attire if preferred.


La Luna Welcome Tea – Sample the Sun tea you prepared in the morning while spending time with one another and peacefully absorb your learning and enter the evening with a fulfilled mind, body and spirit.

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06:30 PM – 08:30PM

Our event highlight commences as the sun begins to set and La Luna appears in the night sky. Our Wild Ancestor Feast will feature an amazing spread accompanied by introductions to herbal liqueurs specially developed for feasting and fine dining.

8:30 PM – 09:30PM

Feast Entertainment – Vendor Marketplace opens, Drums, Chimes,

Potions Tasting, Mimosa Elixir, Birch Brandy and much more.

La Luna Conclusion

Goodbyes, Last Drinks, Candlelight conversations, Shopping

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About the Company:

S-CLASS Natural Spa & Herbal Sanctuary is new to the Atlanta area. Our Natural Spa where our treatments and services are all herbal based and medicinal. Our Herbal Sanctuary shares fundamentals of combining nature and science for overall health and wellness. For thousands of years, Nature has kept people healthy which is our mission to sustain, uplift and encourage. With a new series of pop-up workshops, we embrace our new community by showing you beautiful ways to create tinctures, elixirs, potions and much more.