Intangible Love

Intangible Love Of Consciousness Do you know how to develop and understand the unity of the love within oneself? An important concern in this five sense independent communication is that the information is not a form of energy. It is a physical quantity called ‘entropy .Energy and entropy are two different physical quantities. The relationship between information and ‘negative entropy’ in living cells was first pointed out by Schrödinger, one of the key figures in the development of quantum physics. Of course living beings require energy for their growth, activity and reproduction. However, without information, they do not know how to grow, how to act and how to reproduce. In this process of understanding one must understand the movement and the association of what love is and what love can be. Does the word LOVE mean anything to you? Well, love too is the purpose of life, but this definition may not be your typical understanding of the word love. Most people relate to love as an affection of caring and sharing of self with that of others and ones environment. In most cases, most people experience love as a relationship that requires something in return for their recognition, because this is as close as one can come to unity in this physical tangible world based on duality or the separation and resistance of energy and matter. Two people cannot exist in the same place at the same time physical, but they can mentally. By understanding that life is both tangible and intangible makes it hard to communicate and experience true unity. To develop unity one must practice the art of wholeness and purity. This can be found in the Living Sciences. When you practice in the arts of the Peaceful Warrior you will find unity of mind, body, spirit. Unity is an illusion of the conscious mind as we know it, because we cannot experience it physically. That is, we experience only that part or aspect of unity as it can exist in a state of separation or only as energy or matter in a state of resistance. We cannot consciously recognize or be physical all the time; therefore, we seek to posses that unity outside ourselves and that is why we expect something in return for our love. Love in physical reality has value and requires something in return. True love is intangible, universal, and unconditional, and expects nothing in return, because it understands that we are all one. You love someone not for what they are, but because you recognize that  part of you that is God in that someone else and you must love yourself first before you can love someone else. Unity can only be accomplished by the super consciousness intangible mind and the understanding that all is all, or unity. One’s thinking and beliefs are an intangible mental position or positioning process that recognizes and creates relationships of energy and matter. You are as spirit born unto matter, or something intangible residing in a physical tangible body. In this physical reality, you are a thing that thinks, which is intangible and comes from unity, but you make your home in a physical tangible world of your own by choosing and making selections. You can train in this physical plain to develop the higher plain of life and understanding. You live in physical reality based upon the splitting of unity or the separation of energy and resistance; therefore, you must relate to both forms of energy or matter. Because you make your own reality, you can choose that which you want to experience. Existence in this dual state of being can be painful because of the inability of most people to not be able to consciously recognize unity. However, the movement of happiness is to mentally position yourself in a state of universal unconditional Love. In this mental state, there is no fear, no right or wrong, just the recognition of love and unity. You must still recognize and deal with the resistance and the relationships of physical likes and wants in reality; but in a truly conscious state, you will understand how those things relate to you and choose accordingly, not out of greed but out of love. Most people may say that that this universal unconditional love is unrealistic in today’s society. If they chose that negative approach to the selection process, then they are right, because they chose their own reality. However, it is amazing what a higher level of consciousness can and will do for you. The knowledge of unity awakens the soul and allows you to understand and recognize things before they occur and out of harms way, because physical tangible reality is an illusion based upon separation which the super consciousness can recognize. I give you these thoughts and teaching so you may be lighted in your own journey. For that is what it is, your personal journey of discovery. May my love brighten your day and give you hope and never despair that you too will find unity within oneself through the tears, the sweat, and the rain

Written By: Dr  Paul W Dyer GM