Feature Story: Pathway to positive & Utopian Day’s

Feature Story: Pathway to positive & Utopian Day’s

[inCharlotte] inCity Magazine’s Publisher, Christopher Thomas, is a HUGE fan of the Entrepreneur. When he meet’s entrepreneurs who are doing astonishing things, he loves to spot light them!

Naya Powell, is an entrepreneur is one who certainly deserves this feature and we are excited to introduce our readers to her and her business.

1 – Introduce yourself to the inCity Magazine Readers.

I am Naya Powell, a passion and purpose driven entrepreneur, as well as, a certified life and executive coachbelieve in using my passion for wellness to empower others to “live their most passionate life on purpose…wholistically“!

Therefore, I decided to create Spa Utopia, LLC (luxury travel spa) and Utopia Living, LLC (a wholisitc ifestyle company).As a result, we have had the privilege  of touching thousands of lives over the past 15 years.

2 – What does your company provide and what are your specialties?

Spa Utopia (SU) specializes in luxury, customized & wholistic spa services delivered to your door.

Our services include: massage therapy, manicures, pedicure, facials and spa events.

We cater to upscale hotels, at-home prenatal women’s wellness clients, corporations, organizations, celebrities, parties and other customized events.  All signature services include: a selection of aromatherapy, relaxation music, candles and tea!

Our clients include: individuals, organizations and Fortune 500 Corporations. Some of our clients include: The Centers For Disease Control, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Proctor & Gamble, The Hilton Brand, Martha Stewart, P. Diddy, and Actress & Golden Globe Winner, Angela Bassett.
Utopia Living offers: lifestyle & executive coaching, corporate wellness, retreats, on-site spa services and on-site mind-body classes.


3 – How did you come up with your business name –

I wanted to ensure that the name of my business(es) embodied the essence of paradise – heaven on earth. Utopia means just that! I believe in intentional living; and that we can make conscious decisions around our well-being to create a healthy fulfilling life- one that we love!
Naya Powell, Utopia Spa, inCity Magazine, entrepreneur

4 – What makes your business different from others in the same industry.

Spa Utopia is an on demand – luxury spa service. We truly offer a wholistic approach – a one of a kind professional – luxury experience delivered to our client’s location. We made an effort to think of how to engage all five (5) senses in a customized way. We accomplish this by providing a selection of spa music, aromatherapy, candles, and tea.

Other mobile on-demand spa companies, offer primarily massage services; while Spa Utopia offers on-site therapeutic massage therapy, manicures, pedicures, facial and spa events.

Utopia Living – offers a wholistic approach to coaching and lifestyle events. Our coaching services promote an accelerated level of self-awareness enabling clients to achieve their desired life outcomes mentally, spiritually, physically, relationally and financially.

4b – What do your clients remember when they have the experience your company provides.

Our clients remember the level of service and customization of their pampering experience. They walk away feeling they have received a wellness experience that was tailored specifically to their needs and that engaged all 5 of their senses.

5 – What made you take the leap into starting your business:

There was something that came alive on the inside when I learned about the spa world. At the same time – I felt like a part of me was dying in the monotony of the corporate grind.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial household; and therefore entrepreneurship runs in my veins. So it was really only a matter of time before I took the plunge. There was such an energy and excitement that stirred within me as I thought of creating my own spa company. It was undeniable.

I was living in Detroit at the time working as a commercial lines underwriter for a major insurance company and reading books on starting a small business in my spare time. One day after work, I met one of my neighbors, Dr. Jewel Pukram. Our conversation was just the push I needed. Her questions pushed the right buttons. She asked, what are you doing in Detroit? When I told her I was a commercial lines underwriter, Dr. Pukram went on to ask, “is that what you believe your passion is”? I answered her, “no”. She then said, well what is it?

I was very hesitant to answer her, because I felt my response would sound silly. However, when I said, “I believe it is to have a spa”, she just looked at me and said, “what are you waiting for?” That was the moment – I decided not to wait any more.

6 – How can our readers find you

myspautopia.comFB, IG & Twitter: myspautopia

myutopialiving.com FB Utopia Living


7 – Anything else you would like for our readers to knowhmmm – need to think about that..lol