Feature Story: Here To Adorn You

Feature Story: Here To Adorn You

Introduce Yourself for our readers I am certified hair loss specialist Archia Hall-Owens.  I am a native of Montgomery, AL.  I relocated to Atlanta, Ga in January 2004.  I own Adorn Beauty Enhancements which is an online wig store and full service salon located in Jonesboro, Ga.  Along with entrepreneurship I am a wife and mother of 2 busy boys (4 and 8 years old).  Funny thing is I earned degrees in Human Resources and worked in corporate for 10 years before entering the beauty industry full time.  I’ve always loved makeup and hair since I was a little girl, like most girls.  BUT it was soooo natural for me to do the things most thought were hard.  My dad could cut hair, 2 of my aunts did hair, my uncle had a barbershop, and 3 of my big cousins were the best braiders ever…. so I guess it was in my blood.  I use to fade my brother’s hair when we were in elementary, and if I messed up I would have to pay him…..LOL!!!!  I actually did pretty good.  I hated corporate!!!  I felt imprisoned because it wasn’t fulfilling, it just wasn’t me.  The office attire was weak and boring back then.  Couldn’t do it!!


What does your company provide and what are your specialties? Adorn is a full service salon, that specializes in makeup and wigs. We cater to the soft, sexy, and sophisticated.


How did you come up with your business name? My girlfriend and I were brainstorming in beauty school of a name that was cute and you don’t hear a lot.  Needless to say I was looking for something that began with an “A” like my name.  Also I wanted it to be a name not specific to hair because I knew I would branch into different sectors of the beauty industry.  So we googled and searched synonyms until we came across Adorn!!!  Adorn means to make more beautiful or attractive.


What makes your business different from others in the same industry? Unlike fashion wigs found in retail stores (which we offer as well), our exclusive line of custom medical wigs and hair prosthetics is specifically designed for the woman with little or no hair. It may be either partially or totally hand tied or sewn on sewing machine, with a smaller cap and a base that is specifically designed so as not to irritate a sensitive scalp, while attached to the head for extended periods of time (2 weeks and up).

Our exclusive line of custom medical quality wigs are designed for a totally natural and completely undetectable appearance; from the amount of hair in the cap, to how the hair moves when the wig is worn.  Clients can still receive medical treatment while wearing our custom medical wigs. Adorn’s medical custom wig prices range from $500-$2500.  Our custom fashion wigs range from $100-$250 excluding the hair.


What do your clients remember when they have the experience your company provides? We bring out the natural beauty in our clients with soft, sexy, and sophisticated personalized looks they can maintain daily.


What made you take the leap into starting your business? To be honest, my husband was my biggest motivation.  He is a natural entrepreneur.  He believes in building your own wealth.  He saw how happy and good I was at doing hair and makeup and decided we should capitalize.  I’ve tried several ventures that didn’t hold my interest.  He insisted that I didn’t go back to work after having our first son to keep my flexible schedule and pursue cosmetology.


How can our readers find you?


Instagram:  @we_adorn

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/weluv2adorn

Email:  chichi@adornbeautyenhancements.com


Anything else you would like for our readers to know? The only thing holding you back is you!!!!  Once I realized that, I’ve been on a rise.