Entrepreneur Feature: Five Star Bail Bonds of Alabama

Entrepreneur Feature: Five Star Bail Bonds of Alabama

Entrepreneur Feature: Five Star Bail Bonds of Alabama

Please introduce yourself to our readers- My name is Marquitia Edwards and I’m the owner of Five Star Bail Bonds; I’m a native of Montgomery, Al.

What attracted you into the career field of Bail Bonds? What attracted me to a career in the Bail Bonding industry is my background in the Criminal Justice field, my position to go was probation officer and seems like one day something popped in my head and I was like, I want to become a Bail Agent.

What makes Five Star Bail Bonds different than others? What makes Five Star Bail Bonds different is that we are not your typical Bail company; we are more than just a face to bond; we want to assist you into change, whether is helping you to obtain employment, helping you with your resume etc. We also write in several counties in Alabama as well as offer transfer bonds almost anywhere.

Many are not clear as to what a Bail Bonds does. Will you please clarify some of the questions? What a Bail Agent does is; when a person is detained and booked, once they receive a bond we as agents provide Surety to get them out for a percentage. What that means is we put money up and they pay a percentage of that to be released until their court date.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of being in this career field? The most rewarding part of being in this career field is helping people; Five Star Bail Bonds does have integrity, we don’t bond certain crimes and I can discuss that further later.

What has been the most challenging aspect? The most challenging aspect is when a defendant miss court and we have to do investigation to locate and bring him/her back. The next would be when an employee fail to do their job and get the proper paperwork or gather information appropriately and that becomes challenging because it may take longer to locate your person of interest. Paperwork is the key in this business.

Please share with us one of the most memorable experiences as a Bail Bonds Woman? One of my most memorable experiences as a Bail Agent is many, lol… One in particular that stands out is recovery when we had a crew camped out for days to get a defendant that had been on the run for two years. It was hot snakes and mosquitoes was out lol. There are so many stories I could tell, this is a interesting profession.

What advice do you have for those who are considering a career in the industry? The advice that I have for someone wanting to get into this profession is to be focused; firm and knowledgeable. I say these things because this industry could make or break you if your not careful. I’m young and have been doing this for 6 + years and I’ve seen several pop up companies come and go all because they look at a business to make fast money and not the overall picture. If it’s not a passion I say find something else to do.

How can our readers contact Five Star Bail Bonds You can contact Five Star Bail Bonds by calling 334-819-7104/ 334-221-2329/334-207-8574 and by email fivestarbailbond@gmail.com. We do have a Facebook page but I prefer not to obtain messages via inbox because if you’re in a situation and need immediate help you want to be able to reach someone immediately so those numbers are available to you 24/7.