BayLeaf Indian Cuisine Opens In Montgomery

BayLeaf Indian Cuisine Opens In Montgomery

Today our Publisher had the opportunity to have lunch at BayLeaf Authentic Indian Cuisine. Not knowing what to expect from the NEW indian restaurant, he had that taste of Authentic Indian Cuisine.

“As I entered the establishment, I was greeted and immediately seated (at that point he was the only customer and they close in 30 mins of his arrival). The buffet was hot and fresh”, stated inCity Magazine Publisher.

He rates the over all experience a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Some suggestions for a better experience for the new business is repair the padding in the booth sections, painting from the previous business and other cosmetics.

BayLeaf has 2 locations in Alabama (Birmingham and Montgomery). Their website is www.BayLeafIndianCuisines.com

BayLeaf Indian Cuisine