All Men Reach And Fall

written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer GM

All Men Reach And Fall

Our image of the future is instrumental in the evolution of the world. It is important that we imagine the best possible future for ourselves. Our DNA contains not only our past but also our future and is a prospective blueprint. There is a natural pattern for development inherent in us all. This pattern resides in the integration of fields of knowing spiritual, social, and scientific technological. Learning to be aware of self.

We are moving through one of the most important periods in human history. Conscious Evolution and Awakening the Power of our social revolution for this century that invites human beings to participate in a social potential movement that connects us and allows us to consciously cocreate the next step in evolution by choice not by chance.

The noosphere is the global brain of the larger social body created by human intelligence. I see it as the shared consciousness field of the earth which can create a planetary culture of oneness when we are prepared to collaborate, co-create and work towards a self-actualizing society. We have the potential to facilitate a gentle birth or nonviolent transition to the next stage of our evolution or face possible extinction through a continued sense of separation and self-interest.

Some of the workers of positive social change are that we know that we are all part of one planetary body the social brain has the potential to connect us all, and the shepherds of truth and justice have started to participate in all fields using their creative potential in new ways.

When we come to terms with this, we can start going on our journey towards what we feel is successful and it should not be the validation of our insecure mind-ego. Instead, we should ask ourselves ‘am I happy’, ‘have I make someone else happy’, ‘do I love’, ‘does someone love me’, ‘have I helped someone’ and so on. If you can answer yes to questions like these then we have had a successful day. We have individuals screaming and killing individuals and it is dividing the core of love and the living.

We as the fighter of faith of humanity are not charged with this work, but the darkness we see coming in the storm of false policies and apathy has created a desert of death. To cross the waste land there is only one spirit of life to drink. The distance between our thinking mind false ego and our compassionate heart holds consciousness which can sometimes feel miles apart. Some of us traverse this distance on command. Others of us are so committed to our hopelessness, anger, and misery that the mere concept of a peaceful heart feels foreign and unsafe.

You have a choice to build or destroy. Since both of our hemispheres work together to generate our perception of reality on a moment-by-moment basis, we are exercising our right mind all the time. Once you learn to recognize the subtle feelings and physiology running through your body when you are connected to the circuitry of the present moment, you can then train yourself to reactivate that circuitry on demand.

This training takes time and most of all it takes you to do.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer