che mia mack_inCity Magazine Style Writer

By Che Mia Mack | instagram

It seems like the cold temperatures have finally caught up with the winter season, considering the season started off a bit slower than normal this year. During the holiday season, half of the United States was warm and toasty in 70 degree days instead of braving the chill and shoveling snow. While winter weather has been anything but predictable this season, I wanted to put together a few looks to celebrate the official arrival of winter weather.

Here are a few stylish, chic, and warm key essential pieces you should have in your wardrobe or should be adding very soon to complete your winter looks.

No girl can ever say no to a fur coat, vest, jack, or collar. Fur has always spoken volumes…and in multiple languages. Fur is warm, stylish, and opulent and will always and forever make a bold statement. This multi-color fur gives this look an edge no one could resist. Scared to take a fashion risk? Sometimes, you have to be daring and try new looks that you would never have thought of trying before. This multi-color fur is a must try!



A nice pair of trendy shark lock pant boots is a great, trendy essential to add to your winter wardrobe. Shark lock boots take the winter boots into a sexier direction, but the style is still comfortable because of the wedge. These boots can be coupled with a pair of shorts, a dress, or even a shirt. The best part? These boots can also be dressed up or down.


A blazer can pretty much be worn year round in most climates and rarely goes out of style. However, an asymmetric blazer can bring a chic polish to almost any look. This is the one transitional piece that is a must have for both women and men during the cooler months. This fabulous look can be worn during a night on the town with the girls or a nice sushi date with your boyfriend or girlfriend.


There’s nothing sexier than a trench coat dress. This particular style of dress can purchased for a more fitted look or a looser look depending on the occasion. I absolutely love a multi-purpose dress. Because of its versatility, this dress can be worn to work, brunch, church, a nightclub (depending on the environment), or an interview. Every girl should have at least a few multi-purpose dresses in her closet.


A kimono-style cardigan sweater is every girl’s favorite go to piece when it’s chilly and I’d consider it to be the #1 layering staple for a girl’s wardrobe. A cardigan is another piece than can be worn year-round depending on the climate where you live. There are so many different looks you can create wearing a cardigan. You can get creative and pair your cardigan with a maxi skirt, trousers, jeans or even shorts. Not only is it a style staple, but it’s also a very inexpensive fashionable must have item.


Growing up, sweaters were itchy, unflattering and considered to be for “old people”. Now, that notion has evolved. In the winter, you can never own too many sweaters. I enjoy thrifting for sweaters because you can find so many cool patterns, fabrics, and styles at thrift stores. Don’t be afraid of layering your sweater to switch it up a bit. The look I have put together is a great look that can easily go with you from day to night.