10 Pieces To Have In Your Winter Wardrobe

As we ease into the 2019-20 winter season, it’s time to revamp your winter wardrobe with some trendy new cold-weather pieces. There’s always fun to be had updating your style as the seasons shift, and this year as always there are some winter essentials that shouldn’t be ignored. So without further ado, here are a few particular items you may want to consider for your updated look.

1. Faux Fur Coats

Faux fur coats are currently all the rage, even more so than usual. Not only are these classic outerwear options warm, but they can also give you a very glamorous look without costing an arm and a leg. There’s also a sort of vintage vibe to faux fur coats (wearing one will make you feel like a starlet of Hollywood’s Golden Age), and vintage is more “in” than ever. This year, an oversized leopard-print coat from New Look caught our eye as a particularly nice option. We can just imagine a famous actress from the ’40s wearing this very piece.

2. Silk Hair Scarfs

Speaking of vintage fashion, hair scarves are back in style as well. These fun accessories come in a variety of patterns and colors, such that you have all kinds of good options. Ideally, you may want to stock up on a few of them, so that you have something to match a range of different winter outfits.

3. Capes

There’s really nothing more fun than a cape. And while this may once have seemed like a bizarre complement to a winter outfit, capes have actually become quite trendy. A cape can make any outfit look chic and sophisticated, and can also be deceptively comfortable. To some extent, you’ll feel like you’re partially wearing a blanket, all while projecting a carefree, yet regal vibe.

4. Berets

With the popularity of “French girl” fashion on the rise, it’s not a surprise that berets are looking to be a massive trend this winter. Though this is also nothing new. These chic French hats have been reigning supreme for a couple years now, and some readers may recall that they were on In City’s radar even at the tail end of 2017, just as they were starting to come into fashion again. Nothing has really changed, so we’re re-upping the recommendation.

5. Cozy Sweaters

There’s nothing quite like wearing a cozy sweater on a cold day, and in fact it’s usually good to have a few of them on rotation in your wardrobe. This season, Woman Within is showcasing various sweater styles that are among the more fashionable finds out there. The Mixed Cable Cowlneck Sweater is a cozy option regardless of your size, shape, or style, and The Open Front Fair Isle Knit Cardigan is one of our favorite winter pieces around this year.

6. Satin Midi Skirts

Satin skirts always make for a good investment, given their supreme versatility. This holds up during the winter season as well, even though we might not ordinarily consider satin to be a cold-weather fabric. A sleek satin midi skirt can be worn at the office, provided you have a full-length coat, and it can also be a great choice for a holiday party!

7. Patent Bucket

While they’re long past their early-2000s heyday, patent bucket hats are slowly but surely making their way back into mainstream fashion, and should make for hot accent accessories this winter. These hats are as practical as they are stylish, too, given that they can help to protect you from rain or snow. There are lots of nice ones in 2019-20 collections, though Gucci has one with a high-shine finish that will be certain to turn heads – if you feel like digging into your pocketbook a little bit, that is.

8. Plaid Blazers

A plaid blazer is another versatile cold-weather fashion item it can’t hurt to stock up on. It will help keep you warm, and can help you achieve a variety of looks. In short, putting on a plaid blazer can make you look like a scholar, or like Cher from Clueless. Either way, it’s a total win!

9. Corduroy Mules

Corduroy has definitely been having a moment of late. And that makes for some interesting winter footwear options beyond the traditional leather boots, cozy Uggs, and holiday-party heels. You can step up your shoe game this holiday season by buying into the trend and finding yourself a pair of corduroy mules. They’re perfectly classy, just a little bit vintage, and can to some extent be dressed up or down.

10. Straight-Legged Jeans

As all thing ‘90s are right on trend these days, it only makes sense that high-rise, straight-legged jeans are popular once again. This winter it seems like everyone wants to dress like Monica Geller from the first three seasons of Friends, and why not? It’s a great look with ’90s fashion all around. Levi’s 505 are the all-time classics in this regard, and you can still snag yourself a pair for the coming winter!