Take a ‘Break’: Making Spring Break a Time For Family

Take a ‘Break’: Making Spring Break a Time For Family

Sharlinda Parker  By Sharlinda Parker

For decades, spring break has been a week that students of all ages, including college students, look forward to. It’s a week that normally gets students prepared for the upcoming summer season. Even if you have a summer vacation or getaway planned, I encourage every family to take the time to enjoy spring break – even if it’s only a few days together out of that designated week of your child’s week off.

While some parents will say the timing isn’t right or that they’re unable to get free from their own work responsibilities, I suggest that with a little research and some smart planning, anything is possible. When your child’s performance, grades and GPA reflect excellence and hard work, we as parents should go above and beyond to celebrate our kids, even if means just a quick weekend trip to a new city or attraction during spring break.

In life sometimes, timing and schedules will never line up the way we want them to. Sometimes, the most important things that we want to do won’t fall perfectly into the calendar of our lives. My husband read in a book that “the stars will never align and the traffic lights of life will never all be green at the same time. The Universe doesn’t conspire against you but it doesn’t go out of its way to line up all the pins either.” When it comes to something like vacations and time with family, if we want it we just have to take it. 

Although some family spring break plans are more elaborate than others, I think a well-planned family vacation or getaway can be affordable. Even if spring break has passed for your children, you still have so many different options and plenty of ideas for how to celebrate the week next year…or channel the fun and excitement of spring break this summer when all of your family’s schedules may be better in sync. Tired of theme park or beach trips? You can go visit family that you haven’t seen in awhile or possibly even explore a nearby city that may offer unique attractions or historical sites.

Don’t know where to find new destination ideas? There are so many web-based companies like www.bookit.com that can lead you in the right direction when it comes to planning an affordable vacation. You can also search travel blogs or the official website of state that you live in to see if you have a vacation spot in your own backyard or in a neighboring state that you and the family can drive too. Another option to keep costs down is to plan a trip with multiple families where everyone can chip in. This is always a great option because the kids will have other kids to play with while the adults can spend time with each other. If all else fails, you can get together with your neighbors and plan a “Neighborhood Spring Break Block Party” or something similar for all the kids in the neighborhood. 

 If you missed out on spring break this year, start planning for it next year so you can be sure to make spring break a time for family!