SmallBiz Feature: Nothing But Fabulous Hair

SmallBiz Feature: Nothing But Fabulous Hair

We were able to connect with a NEWLY relocated salon that’s nothing but FABULOUS…(it’s in the name).

What is your name: Kawanda Pearson
What is the name of your business: Fabulous Hair. We recently relocated to 33A Carol Villa Drive, Montgomery, AL.
What services or products do you provide:

Realistic looking hair extensions (sew-ins & quick weaves), Relaxers, Color enhancements, Exceptional Hair Cuts, Silky blowout flatiron for natural hair textures, eyebrow arching, hair care education in order to achieve long healthy hair.
Kera Care
Design Essentials
What makes your business different than others that do the same thing:

My business is different from others because apart from performing a hair service to make clients look good; I also want to educate them on growing their own healthy hair. I genuinely care about the health of my fellow sisters hair & scalp. I will educate them on the dangers of heat damage, chemical relaxer, and color abuse on our unique textures. AlI while making them look Fabulous.
Anything else you would like for our readers to know about your business:

Readers also need to know that we also provide hair services to the deceased.
We also have on our team, Cristalle Huffman who performs phenomenal natural looking sew-ins, extraordinary color services & educates on the importance of maintaining strong & healthy hair.
How may our readers contact you:
Kawanda Pearson (334) 552- 1770
Kawanda Pearson Fabulous Hair
Cristalle Huffman (334) 202-8864
Cristalle Huffman Fabulous Hair