Motivational Moments With Dr Paul W Dyer: Suffering The Relief

Author: Dr Paul W Dyer Grandmaster of Martial Arts

Suffering The Relief 

What is about the relief we seek in so many ways and in many directions we seek and never finding. There is no substitute for the training and the practice that takes place in the crying and the cheering within ourselves. Although despair happens in the feeling  of boredom and desire for  current circumstances to be different. 

Suffering is the overriding state of emotion that characterizes into a false reality of thoughts. Most  people seek to relieve their suffering through the acquisition of objective substances. The activities and states of mind, is  the way to keep the mind busy without slowing down to break down.

Situations and relationships with ourselves and the environment are factors that keeps blinding our resolution to feel all things including joy.  When we are in suffering and looking for relief , it is hard for us to think of the truth of the why we are feeling this way.

Same as if when we are extremely happy we may not know the complete reason to what was bringing us to this high. I don’t think many of  us would keep reading articles or watching feel good movies if we could just find joy in our quite minds and slow thoughts.I would suggest that the reason we keep seeking, either directly or indirectly, is because our search for relief from suffering in objective experience has to a greater or lesser extent, failed us.

The more you keep looking and the more you keep thinking it is failing you the more suffering you are creating for yourself and the non dual understanding in whatever traditional form it is. The relativity  expressed is based upon a single understanding of the all and numerous and various expressions of the non dual understanding.

The duality could be condensed into a single phrase or sentence, it would read sound something like this, that the peace, the joy and the love for which all people learn, above all else, resides in ourselves in our own being.

We might wonder why, if the peace and the joy and the love that we all love and seek above all else resides in ourselves, and in our being that we keep driving away  from the internal eternal God’s gift to you , is it because the environmental is taking it away on purpose. I describe it like the government wanting you to depend on them for welfare and relief and not to develop the growth of self.  

The  essence of all the great religious and spiritual teachings suggests that the reason that our innate peace and joy and love is not fully felt all the time, is because the  wealth everybody knows is self, to an extent. Not everybody knows their self, clearly, and it is this lack of clear self knowledge that is responsible for the veiling or obscuring of our innate peace and joy.

And it is for this reason that the words. Know thyself are really the essence of the spiritual path.  This is clearly the problem area for us all.  To be completely be vulnerable ,means to not hide from all damages, sickness, fears, joys and most of all your weakness that has eve been felt. This means speaking it out loud to another. This voice that is not able to speak to another is the reason  why we are unable to have relief and never will  be able to find it. 

There is just awareness consciousness itself doesn’t think, doesn’t feel, doesn’t need to do anything, it’s just aware and knows that it’s consciously  aware .If it wakes up suddenly, within the experience then the quality of our experience changes dramatically right from this ordinary experience where it is limited to the body. You are more then  the surface of  skin and  whatever the mind has constructed and learned over the course of life.

The relief is right in the grasp of the wind that lands like a fallen leaf in autumn. Take hold 0f your state of mind and regrown the leaf as a tree within your souls spirit to be strong and bare the fruit to feed relief. ” you will reap what you sow”,  And the inevitable consequence of this search for happiness and peace is the objective experience. Your pain  is the exploitation of others, and the world which causes suffering.

The suffering that will never have relief until your crumble yourself to the Glory of vulnerability. I will continue to write the windows so you can see the outside and inside of happiness and relief of sorrow. Now  know to choose not to be alone and grab ahold of the love that will forever honor you, trust you. That love, the love is what you are looking for to relive you from suffering and pain.