Motivational Moments With Dr. Paul W Dyer Grandmaster: More Last Days
Author Paul W Dyer Grandmaster

More Last Days

The division of people has been because of this or that or whatever you may think. The connection of people can be spiritual, magical, and universal, but most of the time its works. We see life only after it has passed us by.

We can remember a great vacation or a sad moment so very easy. A neuroscience tidbit, the brain reconstructs memory backwards and its emphasis is in a traumatic pass or bypass.

The setting is which ever the brain needs are encouraged, I will say this again “ Whichever The Brain Needs are encouraged”.The last days are coming. So in waiting for life to be recognized after it passes by, this theory allows you to be dead by the time you understand the last days and the life you wanted to be gone.

I am a educator who is black fighting to be self free, community free, country free, and globally free. I fight for the freedom of all people black , white Or otherwise. 

Black people have only been free like in America for about 56 years give and take a day. I know why people are still surprised about white people’s confusion and even black Americans’ confusion when it comes to equality.  What you think you understand I am going to emphatically tell you that you are wrong. 

You are not wrong about white and black Americans apathy, or disassociation from compassion and kindness. I will even go as far as to say some just never ask the questions.

For 500 plus years while everything we ( blacks  America) build is destroyed or not acknowledge in the homes of whites and by White rage and Black Americans not ever knowing ,The who and what they have built, made, and created.  What keeps the division among human beings of blacks and whites is the sitting patiently and nonviolently, waiting to be released from self pain.

That there is a stranglehold of White supremacy,  white privilege, and systematic systems never seen by joyful white Americans, loving white Americans, caring white Americans and the yes sir black America. The so called house negro is blinded by acceptance. Black peoples have been suffering through exceptional acceptance for decades. This act or effort has hurt blacks, but it especially has hurts white America.

White people have absolved their minds in blacks wanting acceptance and healed their liberal hearts with black forgiveness. Meanwhile the suffering continues in black America on a sub-level of ignorance brewing like a cauldron.

The last days have passed by and it will continue to pass by until we understand the new day. The last days is anything you keep regurgitating thinking that it will be somehow different if we only do ….. this or that.  The last days of this division, destruction, disassociation, and death will continue over and over like the movie “ GroundHog Day”.

So as you wait for the New Year, New Birthday, New Business, New ….. whatever. The last days will still be here. It Will be here until you ask the question you have not yet ask. White America, Black America, Division ,of family and friends America the last days are here to stay. The only way the new day will come is when you, and I ask the question we are afraid to ask.