Fly’n Solo & Sync Brand Pledges $1 Million Towards Anti-Bullying

Fly’n Solo & Sync Brand Pledges $1 Million Towards Anti-Bullying

by Darrell White

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”, says Albert Einstein.

When young people are bullied and become adults, many will have a deep rooted subconscious belief that they do not deserve greatness, to be loved, gain success, don’t trust themselves and more.

With this same negative thinking in adulthood, they try to raise families, have a career, be a good friend, try to set goals and be overall better people.

Christopher Thomas, Fly'n Solo & SyncChristopher Thomas (pictured to the left) Entrepreneur and Founding Member of Fly’n Solo & Sync, is a victim of bullying. He states in a recent interview, “I found out that I didn’t love myself, didn’t trust myself and didn’t think that I deserved anything good to happen to me in my life…all as a result of being bullied when I was a young guy. These thoughts were VERY deep inside of me. But once I identified what and where my negative thinking was coming from and had enough of the effects of that negative mindset, I made a decision to rewire my mind.” (Click Here to see the full video)

Many entrepreneurs never truly succeed in life (love, health, social, spiritual or wealth) because of not having the proper mindset.

Fly’n Solo & Sync (FlynSoloSync.com) is an entrepreneurial coaching/mentoring and lifestyle brand that was created to strengthen the mindset and change people’s lives (coaching for adults and mentoring for middle-high school students – only for those who want help). On the lifestyle side of Fly’n Solo & Sync, t-shirts and caps are created with Positive Catch Phrases. Portion of proceeds of every piece of apparel is donated to programs helping victims of bullying. Over 1 million units are set to be sold within 24 months.

Stay ReadyBlack VNeck, Fly'n Solo & Sync Stay Ready White VNeck, Fly'n Solo & SyncPictured are the “STAY Ready” Edition











Under the Fly’n Solo & Sync umbrella is the Young Flyers’ program. This program was created to help middle and high school students to have the mindset that they can be an entrepreneur and to help them start a business. Click Young Flyers’ for more information.