Floyd Mayweather leaves Japanese kickboxer in tears in fight farce

Floyd Mayweather leaves Japanese kickboxer in tears in fight farce

Floyd Mayweather knocked Tenshin Nasukawa out in the opening round as their big-money fight turned into a farce.

Kickboxing star Nasukawa was left crying in his own corner after being sent tumbling to the canvas three times in the first two minutes of the fight on New Year’s Eve in Saitama, Japan.

Mayweather, 41, boasted about earning $9 million dollars to take on Japan’s golden boy — and he collected his money with minimum fuss after making his opponent look foolish.

When the first bell sounded the unbeaten five-weight class boxing champion strolled out with a grin on his face as his 20-year-old opponent took to the center of the ring.

The American, who in the hours before the contest posted a video on Instagram advertising his strip club, then showed his disdain as he pawed out his hand and failed to throw a single punch for the opening 30 seconds.

Nasukawa looked completely out of his depth in his first boxing fight, swinging wildly in an attempt to land a blow on his opponent.

One landed on the glove of Mayweather, and that appeared to sting him into action as he returned with a sharp flurry to deck the home favorite with a short left to the body.

The fight descended into a farce when another dig from Mayweather left Nasuwaka staggering back like a drunk before falling down for a second time.

And another half-hearted punch to the side of the head did in the kickboxer a third time — and his corner threw in the towel after 136 seconds of the fight.

“I want to say thanks to God for the turnout, my team, thank you to Mayweather productions and all the entertainment teams,” Mayweather said. “Thank you to the fans you guys have been amazing. It’s all about entertainment. It’s not going on anyone’s record. Tenshin is still one hell of a fighter and one hell of a champion.”

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