Fashion Refresh: Tips to Rework and Remix Your Wardrobe

Fashion Refresh: Tips to Rework and Remix Your Wardrobe

che mia mack_inCity Magazine Style Writer   By Ché Mia Mack

With spring right around the corner, it’s almost closet purging season. We all have clothes and shoes in our (or our children’s) closets that we have outgrown, been meaning to get rid of or that need to be donated to our local thrift stores or shelters. But WAIT! Before you make the final decision, make sure your clothes and shoes can’t be salvaged or revived before discarding them or giving them away.

In fact, you may be able to even rework or repurpose some components of your wardrobe by pairing them with others or accessories from a consignment/vintage shop or thrift store. Thrifting and vintage shopping is not for everyone, but if you are open to the experience and have an idea of what you are looking for, it might make your shopping experience a lot easier and help you build a better wardrobe without having to necessarily get rid of a thing.

Here are a few helpful tips and examples to help you save money as you repurpose and reinvent your look.

Blazers – Ladies, don’t be afraid to buy a nice men’s blazer. You can always have it taken in to fit your body, roll the sleeves up, and you’ll have an instant “boyfriend” blazer.


Vintage Jewelry – Those clip-on earrings that aren’t so pretty? Take off the worn clip off and attach a new one from your local art or craft supply store with hot glue or some other durable adhesive.

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Old rayon/silk shirts with shoulder pads – With shirts and blouses like these, you can either take the shoulder pads out or leave them in. Luckily, shoulder pads are in style right now. Pair these finds with pair of distressed jeans and a pair of pumps – things most of us ladies already have in our closets.


Jeans – Whether you or your children have grown tired of the style of your old jeans or your children have grown too tall for theirs, there’s an easy fashion fix that will have you all ready for the warmer weather ahead. With a pair of sharp, sturdy scissors, cut the leg of the jeans off at knee length for women/girls and cut 2-3 inches below the knee for men/boys. You can also cuff the edges you’ve cut or use a razor, box cutter, or sandpaper to create a more of a distressed look before you wash your new shorts and put them in the dryer.


Shoes – I’m sure you are thinking “Eww! I’m not wearing someone’s old shoes!”, but for you all with small feet, man thrift stores and vintage shops have the cutest flats and heels that older ladies have barely worn that are to die for. Note: Women with small feet (sizes 5-7) often have better luck finding gently worn shoes.


Old long sleeve T-Shirts – Want that aged, worn feel with a new edge? Cut the sleeves at the shoulder cuff to make a sleeveless t-shirt perfect for layering on weekends or those dressed down days. You can also consider cropping or distressing your old t-shirts with scissors and a bit of bleach for a new, trendy look.