Electronic Vision Board Tips For Mothers & Kids

Electronic Vision Board Tips For Mothers & Kids

Sharlinda Parker  By Sharlinda Parker

Even though the new year is in full swing and we’ve set goals for ourselves, it’s also important to teach our kids how to start early as visionaries. Since vision board parties are trending, now is a great time to tackle a parent/kid project that will enrich and inspire. We know vision boards can help their creators see  their goals and inspire them to act on or at the very least anticipate that which will or may come to be. That being said, why not also set your child up to see what it is they want to achieve or accomplish as a short term or long term goal for the future?

We tend to see a lot of adult vision board parties, complete with piles of magazines, paper, glue, tape and poster boards to craft goals and motivations for the days, months and years to come. However, considering that we’re all embracing the digital age more and more, an electronic vision board seemed like the way to go for me and my children because cell phones, iPads, tablets and computers seem to dominate the world today! I mean, everywhere you look or turn, people are enthralled with some type of electronic device. As parents, we are often using one of our trusty devices throughout the day if not all day and, for our kids of the new millennium, using and paying attention to electronics is a way of life. Because of this, an electronic vision board is a fresh, interactive way to take the things we want to accomplish from paper to the digital screen — literally.

Typically, vision boards created on poster boards normally serve their purpose at home, hanging in a room to motivate and inspire us…until they ultimately end up stuffed in a closet or some other out of the way spot. Having an electronic vision board on one of our handheld or computer devices is a constant reminder of our dreams and goals for now and later.

This weekend, I’m having an electronic vision board party with two of my friends and fellow “supermoms” Kysha Cameron of Honoring Hue and Rashan Ali of Sporty Girls, and I can’t wait to share this creative concept with other moms and kids who want to curate their futures 21st century style.

If you don’t live in the area or can’t make it, don’t worry. You can follow these tips to get started and digitally focus on your goals.

  • Using an app like Photo Grid, you can create multiple photo collages of pictures that represent your goals, wants, needs, or motivations this year.
  • Once you’ve done that, create a screen saver or background featuring your photo creations. That way, you and your children will always have visuals of your vision and goals present as an on-screen reminder.
  • New or achieved goals? No problem. Your screen saver photos can be swapped or changed out as you or your kids manifest your vision and meet those goals! You can also swap out the photos weekly or monthly as you see fit.
  • If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, start by planning your electronic vision board on paper and pencil. That way, you or your family can write down the specifics pertaining to your vision and goals. For example, include finances, health & fitness, homes, cars, career, inspirational quotes, etc. so you can SEE it all before you digitally craft it. Remember that nothing is too big or small.
  • Google and compile photos of the items that best illustrate your vision and goals and save the photos to your family’s devices. Specifically, Photo Grid allows you to create collages featuring up to 15 photos, though fewer photos make a clearer collage.
  • You can even create levels to your vision board Grids. Try to set realistic goal that you and your family can accomplish step by step! It’s never to late plan your family and friends, parents and kids vision party today.