DayDreams Finale “ELEVATES”

DayDreams Finale “ELEVATES”

The #DayDreamsSeason5 Finale surely “Elevated” all expectations.

It was held in Downtown Montgomery at the Capital City Club on the 22 Floor.

What was expected to be a rainy and gloomy day, turned out to be a sunny one. Just right for a ROOFTOP affair.

The event was full of some of the most beautiful people from across the SouthEast.

Christopher Thomas, inMMGroup’s President/Event Organizer states “…We were so blessed to see great weather for this event. Thank you to all the supporters and sponsors from over the past 5 years. This event was the Season Finale…We have BIG plans for 2016 that we are already planning”.

Attendees donated to the Love Life Foundation. Their mission is to assist the underprivileged and scholastic needs of the youth.

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