DayDreams Caribbean Street Party Recap

DayDreams Caribbean Street Party Recap

This past weekend, inMontgomery.us (an inMMGroup brand) presented its monthly entertainment series “DayDreams: Caribbean/Jamaican Street Party” Edition sponsored in part by Coors Light, Nineteen Bar and Island Delight Caribbean Restaurant.

“DayDreams is produced once a month…so we decided to switch it up a little and recognized the Caribbean community along with the Jamaican Independence (on August 6th). Commerce street was actually where we set up the stage, VIP Cabanas/Tables and seating”, says Christopher Thomas, CEO/Publisher of inMMGroup and DayDreams producer.

Imagine the scene: Caribbean Food, LIVE Band, 4 DJ’s, Great Cocktails and more!

For more information about DayDreams email info@inMMGroup.com

Pictures by Picture This photography:

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